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Cute Little Knit



If you don’t want to “tangle” a pumpkin, you can make this Quick little knit!  Available on Ravelry and Etsy for instant download only $3.00.   You can slip this over a real pumpkin, a plastic pumpkin or even stuff it with some fiber-fill.  If you make it, I’d love to see it, so be sure to let me know!

My Favorite


I do have favorites…..and this is probably my Favorite Whorl of the batch I just made…


You can find it Here, at This Little Bird Told Me

I have another batch of 7 to do….one of which is a larger whorl so it will be even more fun for me to design.

I have two more pumpkins to finish…one is almost done and then I’ll post pictures.  This one is Black with White designs on it.  I may make the next one with Gold Pens – we’ll see how that works out.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the pens are going to “stick” to the surface you’re working on.  Then I have a set of three nice Gourds – they are Martin house gourds that just arrived yesterday – I’m forming a plan….one might become a treasure box, as I think it would be really neat to make a cut in the top and have a sort of “lid”….I can’t wait to try these.  Lastly, there is that juried show I’m applying to for early December.  This will be my first “solo” show as hubby will be there to help, but not to sell.  So I have a huge amount of work to prepare for that….lot’s of ornaments and New Sheeps in the Series…..

I’m really excited about what’s happening around here!

A New Spinner in the Flock


There’s a new Spinner in the Flock

Tangled Spinning Wheel and Ewe web


Tangled Spinner in the Flock, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This is the twelfth sheep in this series…..I’m sure I will do more and probably work towards doing a calendar.  I would like to add some Holiday sheep in, and some occasions as well.  But I’ve done a sheep a day for the last little while, and I have some other commissioned work I want to get done, my Derwent Academy classes to finish and some tutorials on colorwork I want to study.  I’d like to add some colored pieces to the collection.  As it is, I have a decent amount of original work done for the show in September, so anything I add now will be a bonus.  As with anything you see here or on Redbubble, the originals are for sale.  Just contact me and we will work out the details.

Sheep Zen


Thursday’s Sheep is a little “Zen”…..

Tangled Yoga Ewe web


Tangled Yoga Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This one came to me on our motorcycle ride on Sunday….I don’t know why I think of things like this.

Hard to believe we are almost celebrating the 4th of July!  The humidity is oppressive and thunderstorms were all around us yesterday.  Today’s weather is supposed to be much of the same.  There is Hurricane Arthur making his way up the coast towards North Carolina – be safe!


Really Big Post and a Contest


First…..It’s a Marshmallow World…..That is six inches of what was supposed to be 1 to 3 inches of snow that fell yesterday!  I love snow! For Now!  But it was so pretty last night – it was the kind of snow that stuck to all the trees and perfect for snowballs.

Busy, busy weekend – shopping, knitting group, youngest DS joined the Fire Dept (I’m conflicted about this but so proud of him) Christmas Party, Migraine, Shop Update and a Contest to announce

Knitting Group was great – so nice to sit and chat/knit with friends.  The Party was great until the Migraine hit, but then again, I had so much fun before, I can’t complain.  Well, I can.  But I’m not going to.  Woke up feeling good enough to work on some of these….

Had some photo glitches this morning, but they are finally all photographed and listed in the SHOP just in time for the Holidays.  I’ll be updating more frequently this week with quite a few more.  If you’re looking for a special gift or just don’t see a color combination you want, just shout out and I’ll be happy to whip it up for ya!

On the knitting front, I ripped out Honeycomb and started a new project (to make up for the rippage and to get a quick project done so I don’t feel like a knitting failure, boo hoo)  I just couldn’t get into the stitch pattern on honeycomb even though I love the finished vests so much – I just wanted to poke an eye out and that’s just no good.  So I cast on for a quick knit….

Thermis, using some Cascade 220 I had in the stash.  I’m loving this knit and it’s going pretty fast.  I had planned to gift it, but just found out the giftee is allergic to WOOL.  Sigh.  I could keep it in mind for another giftee, or, horrors, keep it myself.  I have one other gift knit planned and really don’t doubt I’ll be able to get it done.  For now.

Now for that contest…..

When DH went away in November, he was sweet enough to get some yarn for me….

This is some Gorgeous Laceweight yarn from Catoctin Creek Farm, Romney Wool and Cashmere.  I have about 350 yards in that, there skein.  Here’s where the contest comes in…..leave me a comment between now and next Sunday with your pattern suggestion – I’d really like to make something in the Shawlette or Cowl Catagory, but any suggestion is welcome.  Annnnndddd – if you post a link to my contest on your blog, tell me that in your comment and you’ll get entered twice!

There will be three winners  – a Grand Prize of one of my DH’s Compact Portable Swifts…....

Second Prize will be one of my Shawl Pins.…..(the pin will be your choice of color combo, this is just an example)

and third prize will be a Hand Turned Nostepinne made by DH…..

Whew!  I’m really excited to see your suggestions, so Ready, Set, Go!!!!

and because I hope we get more snow this week…….

What’s Doing



Another day of this.  And Fog.  And then tomorrow – more this and Wind.  And then Cold.

I would love to take some promised photo’s of the wonderful Glady I just recieved from Knitnana.  And I’m going to have to drag out the photo tent tomorrow if we don’t get a break in the dreary weather.

Almost done with the Autumn socks – a few inches of ribbing and weaving and then done.  The yarn for Aleita arrived yesterday – I’m going to cast on this weekend.  I’m whipped and wiped and the week was long and I’m going to sleep in – dammit.  Thankfully, my exposure to the Alien people of NoManners was kept to a minimum this week.

Whatever your weather, whatever you’re doing – Have a Great time!

Rhinebeck Reflections


You couldn’t beat the Fall Foliage upstate this year – it was really spectacular.  And Cold.  We arrived Thursday night, set up the camper and headed out to the Hyde Park Brew Pub.  We had been there last year and remembered the brew to be much better than it was this year – a little disappointing, but the food was good and just what we needed to warm us up.

Friday we headed out and just wandered around – ending up in Sheffield, MA eventually.  It was a beautiful ride, with some beautiful scenery….

Bob remembered a little resturant right outside the Campground, so on the way back, we stopped and I hopped out to check out the menu – it looked very promising so, later on we headed out for our first dinner at Portofino Ristorante.

Oh. My. God.  To say outstanding would be an understatement.  The food was amazing, our server, Debbie was top notch and I can honestly recommend this resturant to anyone without so much as a second of hesitation.  I actually said to Bob – should I blog it – Or should we keep it to ourselves???

Saturday – well, what can I say – we arrived a little after 9 am and we drove right in and parked – we waited a few minutes in line for admission but then a nice gentleman came over and collected all the exact change people and we were off!  I have to say – I thought I would buy more, and I was more than slightly overwhelmed by the zig zag line at the STR booth – Bob remarked “what the heck is that” and it was a little hard to explain it to him, but I think it sunk in when he rounded the corner and saw the display of yarn.

My First Purchase was some Ellens Half Pint……..something I talked myself out of last year and absolutely walked in, right up to this skein and had to have it.  Had to.  No doubt about it.  And it’s funny – Jeanne and I did not run into each other or talk to each other till after the buying……..and we bought the same colorway.

Fall Leaves.  The photo doesn’t do it justice but hey – it’s the time of day and the light,  But it’s amazing in person.

Then Bob surprised me with these….

Amazing Glass Stitchmarkers by Sheila & Michael Ernst.  Just amazing.  The glass needles!  OMG – Bob asked if I wanted a pair and I said no –  I know I would snap them in a flash.  But the markers, they were a sweet surprise from him and I love them.

Then, along came Maisy….

And the accompanying purchases to keep her housed and fed for the following few days with us in Rhinebeck.  I had brought up a carrier, but the bottom was not grated and I knew I would need another cage, so we lucked out at another vendor and bought what we needed for the Maister.

While Bob was guarding the bunny and trying to pick up knitters, I ran back for another look at Briar Rose and came away with this….

Grandma’s Blessing, 600 yards which will make a nice shawl.  The lines earlier were more than overwhelming and I caught it in a slight lull – which, let me tell you, was still busy.

From the Sheep Shed @ mountain view farm – which is way redder in person – which is why it caught my eye and I went against my not purchasing any spinning fiber resolution and bought this before I had a chance to think it over.  I don’t regret it and can’t wait to get some time to spin it.  And take better photo’s because it is an amazing ruby red color.

Some Greener Shades Metal Free Acid dyes also came home with me – I’ve got a little stash of wool and angora that I want to card and dye up.  The kit was for nine colors, 8 oz citric acid – enough to dye over 13 pounds of fiber and it was 35 bucks!  Plus the Metal Free thing got me.

I made my way back to Bob and Maisy when Bob decided he had to go somewhere.  I was left waiting with the bunny, and I did get a good idea of the cute attraction she made while I was waiting – people just love the bunny cuteness, that’s for sure.

Bob returned with a gift for me…..

This totally cute yarn bowl by Jennie the potter,  with both black and white sheep on it!  It’s got a little cut out that’s angled to keep your yarn ball in the bowl and the yarn feeding out the side – it’s too cute and I’m a little afraid to use it, but it definitely seems sturdy enough.  What a creative and nicely executed idea.  I’m always in awe of how creative people can be with tools for knitters.

My only wished for purchase that I just couldn’t do – Brooks Farm – I wanted a few skeins of Four Play – in a dark color – green preferebly – for Wicked –  and I just couldn’t get near half the yarn and the crowd was just too much for me.  I left without it.  I’ve looked at their site and can’t see any darker colors I like, so I will just bide my time.  And there is always next year….

After we left the festival, we went for another little drive and decided to go back to Portofino – it was closeby, and there was so much on their menu to choose from – I did call for reservations and it was a good thing – they were packed – but we had our same booth and Debbie The Wonder Woman – it was like we had been going there for years and I tell you, we will whenever we are near there again.

All in all a nice weekend getaway with the Husband, a nice fiber festival – I didn’t even mind the cold too much – we were warm sleeping – it was getting out from under those warm covers that was a shocker.  I did come home with a weird stiff neck – that was killer on Tuesday, but seems to be working its way out – I guess I left my neck out in the cold a bit.  But thankfully, I had two cowls with me and wore them almost all the time – even sleeping!!!  I need to make more cowls!

Have a Great Rest of the Week!


A Little Imagination…..


……is exactly what you’re going to need for this post.  This is a Hat for my Oldest Son – yes, it is. 


Fine.  It’s four Skeins of Black Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  It will so be a hat.  This is very, very nice yarn – and it’s black.  And I believe between the youngest picking dark blue and the oldest picking black – they are trying to make me go blind.  Yes.  They don’t care if I need to see, every again.  So, what did I do?

I ordered this, too.


2 Skeins of DB in Chocolate – or eye blinding dark brown.  Yep.  Because I’m consistent if anything. It’s some seriously luxurious yarn – I’ve only ever worked with the Baby Cashmerino and baby yarn is supposed to be soft.  But this grown-up stuff – buttah.  I can see developing an addiction to it – and Jeanne is correct in saying a sweater in this would be wonderful.   All six skeins came from a great yarnseller on ebay – Yarnbow.  I ordered these the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and they arrived Monday – I mean – that’s speedy delivery for having a Holiday smack in there. 

I will hopefully have a completed second sleeve to show off tomorrow – hopefully.   I’ve decided upon a recipient for the Chevron scarf I’ve been noodling on – so that’s now back in the queue of things to work on and get done, done, done.

Back to the needles!

Cascade Mountain and A Contest


Enough of the health issues – this is a knitting blog, after all……

Yep.  That is a Mountain of Cascade 220 yarn.  And, if I want to totally fess up – that’s maybe a third of the Cascade I have in my stash right now.  But this is the “active” pile.  The top three skeins of Natural are slated for use in working up the swatches for my Master Knitters Level 1 course that Jeanne and I will hopefully get started on soon.   The middle three skeins are what is left to be used for Bob’s Cobblestone Pullover – I just wound and started the third skein of 7 last night.  I’m heading into the homestretch on the bottom part of the body, before I get to start knitting the sleeves.  I hate sleeves.  Well, hate is a strong word.  I don’t like sleeves.  They are tedious, but necessary.  The bottom 7 skeins of that dark blue Cascade – that is for DS’s Wallably, which I’ll be casting on for just as soon as Cobblestone is off the needles.  See, I’m trying to be organized about my “active” knitting projects. 

What is in my “inactive” pile?  Since I know your just dying to find out………First up is the Central Park Hoodie.  Once the Wallably is well on it’s way and on schedule, I may just take a weekend and finish this up.  It really would be a quick sweater to finish, now that most of it is done.  Then of course we have the MS3 and the Shoalwater shawlHemlock is sitting in the inactive pile too, but not for lack of wanting to finish it.  Just because it’s just a little tooooooo much for this fogged up brain to handle right now – sad, but true.  But it will be done this winter – I think I’ll need it to snuggle under on those hopefully cold winter days.  I always have a sock on the needles, so I don’t really count that as active or inactive – it’s just there, handy whenever I have a spare bit of time to sit and knit, but not enough time to drag out one of the bigger projects.  Right now, my sock in action is currently in the car – waiting for what, I don’t know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

But there is a third catagory of knits for me.  The “I wanna make it” pile.  I don’t know where to even start with this.  First, there is the Twinnings Stole, The Bee Fields Shawl, Peacock Feathers and I’m staying away from looking around at lace just because this seems like enough to contemplate for now.  Then there is the other Ribby Cardy I want to make for myself from that beautiful Green Cascade that’s in the stash, the Minimalist Cardy from the latest IK, the Chinese Lace Pullover, a button down cardy of unknown pattern origin that I would love to have in my wardrobe, another Chevron Scarf, more socks than I can mention and I’m really thinking I need to knit another Clapotis. 


Now, for the contest.  Send me a comment with the number of links I’ve put in this post.  It’s really not tricky at all.  If you’re a lurker, take a minute, count ’em up, and send me a comment with your answer.  I will randomly pick two people next Sunday with the correct answer,  and you’ll both get a set of my own, handmade Stitchmarkers!  Now, come on – it’s a set of stitchmarkers, you can never have too many of them, and they’re Pretty, too!!!  If you need to see what I make, go stop by the shop – I have plenty of stitchmarker examples listed.   Feel Free to spread the word – let’s get this contest going!!!!!!!

And thanks for reading, commenting, lurking, bloglining and generally putting up with my whiny complaining the last little bit.