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Challenge #172 – Auraknot and Mooka


This is my piece using the DuoTangle Auraknot and Mooka for the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #172….


Auraknot Mooka DuoTangle 61714 001




I had a lot of fun figuring out how I wanted my Auraknot to be – there are so many possibilities!  Mooka has challenged me at times, while at others it has flowed from the tip of my pen…..you can see both versions of that here.  It’s funny how you can do something and be so happy with it and then right next to it, feel that one isn’t up to pare.  We all tend to be so critical of our own work and part of me taking things more seriously is learning to let. it. go.  Let the art stand.  Let it be and don’t be so much of a perfectionist that I don’t put it out there.  Standing back and looking at my work as a whole and not shredding each little bit up and criticizing it.  How do you handle imperfections in your work?