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Still At it


Still working on the final organizational touches to the studio – the antique dresser that storee my fabric is out……another Ikea table is in and fabric storage needs to be figured out….photo when that’s done.

I was accepted into the Juried craft show in December – I’m thrilled and excited and a bit nervous.  Now, it’s preparing for it….and making!


Basket O’ Ornaments to be done for the show….

And just a little blurb for our wonderful group on Facebook – For the Love of Doodling.  Come on by and join us – we have over 700 members who love to share their love of doodling, zentangle, zia – I promise you will be inspired!!!  We have been lucky so far in keeping the spammers at bay, we post inspiring videos and tutorials – we actually have two members – Tiffany Lovering and Heidi Denney that you might be familiar with –  both have wonderful youtube channels, so check them out – you won’t be sorry.  Hope to see you over in For The Love of Doodling!!!

Studio Improvements


I’ve been thinking I should have a place to work and store my art supplies – I have a studio which houses my looms, yarn, fabric and Jewelry bench.  I just didn’t have a place to really spread out and work in that room.

Well, that’s all changed now…..


DH took the made the long ride to Ikea yesterday to get my Anniversary Gift and I was able to get the table, corner table and that awesome drawer unit, along with the chair and two smaller mesh draw units.  I spent the rest of the day assembling it all…..I managed to dent the straight table so I have another on order and I’ll use that one as my cutting table.  I will be moving the big, antique dresser out of this room as well and it will give me a place to use as a cutting table, warping winder table, steamer table…I’ll be storing my fabric under that in something – not sure what yet.  But getting the heavy dark furniture out of the room really makes a difference.  I moved my Jewelry bench out of that corner – I always work with a light when I use it and it just made sense to put my art center near the windows.  I’m really happy with it – I need to get a lamp over there for when the light’s not so great and replace my area rug, but that’s on order too.  That mobile chest of drawers is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and so worth the money.  I cannot believe how I lived without it!

After spending all day yesterday building and moving and arranging, I finally sat down at my new table, surrounded by my sheep and started making.


Some of my Snowflake Ornaments…ready to add the ribbon.

It’s so relaxing to have a space other than the arm of my couch to do some art and you can’t beat the view…


I still have my screen in…..the afternoons were getting warm, but I think that’s going to change fast now.

Have a wonderful week!