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My Favorite


I do have favorites…..and this is probably my Favorite Whorl of the batch I just made…


You can find it Here, at This Little Bird Told Me

I have another batch of 7 to do….one of which is a larger whorl so it will be even more fun for me to design.

I have two more pumpkins to finish…one is almost done and then I’ll post pictures.  This one is Black with White designs on it.  I may make the next one with Gold Pens – we’ll see how that works out.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the pens are going to “stick” to the surface you’re working on.  Then I have a set of three nice Gourds – they are Martin house gourds that just arrived yesterday – I’m forming a plan….one might become a treasure box, as I think it would be really neat to make a cut in the top and have a sort of “lid”….I can’t wait to try these.  Lastly, there is that juried show I’m applying to for early December.  This will be my first “solo” show as hubby will be there to help, but not to sell.  So I have a huge amount of work to prepare for that….lot’s of ornaments and New Sheeps in the Series…..

I’m really excited about what’s happening around here!

15% off SiteWIDE….


Redbubble is having a 15% off sitewide sale!  Now’s the time to order those cards, prints, tote bags and gifts you’ve been holding off on…..

Tangled Spinning Wheel and Ewe web Tangled Spinning Ewe web only

Sheep and more in my Redbubble Shop

Get started on that holiday shopping – it’s really not that far away!

When I don’t draw on Paper


I’ll pretty much draw on anything.  One of the first things I doodled on besides paper was wood.  And these are destined to become some new Drop Spindles for the Sheep and Wool show in September.  My DH does the woodturning.

drop spindle whorls

I’ve also taken to doodling on wood boxes, french ivory…..canvas bags…..I’m thinking no blank surface is safe.  What do you doodle on?

A New Spinner in the Flock


There’s a new Spinner in the Flock

Tangled Spinning Wheel and Ewe web


Tangled Spinner in the Flock, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This is the twelfth sheep in this series…..I’m sure I will do more and probably work towards doing a calendar.  I would like to add some Holiday sheep in, and some occasions as well.  But I’ve done a sheep a day for the last little while, and I have some other commissioned work I want to get done, my Derwent Academy classes to finish and some tutorials on colorwork I want to study.  I’d like to add some colored pieces to the collection.  As it is, I have a decent amount of original work done for the show in September, so anything I add now will be a bonus.  As with anything you see here or on Redbubble, the originals are for sale.  Just contact me and we will work out the details.



Someone said “if you make a sheep with a peace sign, I’m so buying that”….

Tangled Peaceful Sheep web

Tangled Peaceful Sheep, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

That was actually not even a thought in my mind, but once she mentioned it, I had to draw it out.  I was nervous about it, wondering if I had got it right for her and was thrilled when she liked it so much she purchased a few things from the redbubble shop with this design!  That really is a confidence boost for me.

We had a quiet Fourth – ran some errands, caught up on stuff around here, had a de-licious dinner together.  We are usually traveling by the time the Fourth of July rolls around, so this was different for us.

Just in case all you think I do is Sheep now…..

Tangled Peacock web

Tangled Peacock, from a Ben Kwok Template.

I loved working on this as it was challenging and fun at the same time.  I might do another in color after I make my way through the Derwent Academy Master Class – there is a class on colored pencil that I think will unlock some doors for me.  By the way, if you take this free course, which consists of 6 classes, you get to pick your choice of Derwent pencils for FREE and a certificate.    Did I say this was all FREE….you submit your class work at the end of each class and then you’ll hear back from them when you can go on to the next.  I’m on the second class and I’m waiting to hear back – they seem to be fairly quick about it.   From their main page you click on the “Art Academy” circle at the top and go from there.

Enjoy the weekend!

Tangled Fourth Of July!


Happy Fourth of July!

Tangled Patriotic Sheep web

Tangled Patriotic Sheep, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you may be doing.  Thank you to our Son and Daughter-in-law and  all the Brave, who keep this this Land of the Free.

We had some nasty weather yesterday, wicked thunderstorms and a tornado  passed by us and just a few minutes away from us, people are without power, trees down, property damage.  We had some good sized hail as it was going by, but other than our canopy moving a few feet,  and losing power for about 5 minutes, we were very lucky.  Stay safe out there!

Sheep Zen


Thursday’s Sheep is a little “Zen”…..

Tangled Yoga Ewe web


Tangled Yoga Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This one came to me on our motorcycle ride on Sunday….I don’t know why I think of things like this.

Hard to believe we are almost celebrating the 4th of July!  The humidity is oppressive and thunderstorms were all around us yesterday.  Today’s weather is supposed to be much of the same.  There is Hurricane Arthur making his way up the coast towards North Carolina – be safe!


Tuesday’s Tangled Sheep


There are some talented Sheep around here…..this Ewe can Spin!!!

Tangled Spinning Ewe web only

Tangled Spinning Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

It is so nice to be able to incorporate my favorite things to do into these Tangles.  I would love to be able to somehow have a sheep weaving, too.  I do have a  preliminary sketch of a “zen” sheep meditating….and another of a Mama Ewe watching over her sleeping lamb.

I’m fortunate to have the time to give to this project and I’m going to try to use every moment wisely.  These summers off fly by so fast.

I’ve gotten a lot of new followers and likes but no comments…..please don’t forget I’m having a contest and I think I’d be really embarrassed if I didn’t have any participants.  Go.  Comment…..Please?

Univited Guest


We’ve been wondering what has been getting into the bird feeder – we thought it was probably a squirrel.  But this feeder is supposed to be squirrel proof.  I guess it really is.   This one is not so easily scared away – I yelled at it and set it running to the words “This ain’t no take out”  only to have Bob go out 10 minutes later and holler at it again.  And I’m fairly sure that it was the same deer that set off the motion light at 11:45 last night, too.  And the one that probably butchered one out of the two Lupines we’ve ever been successful growing.  Stupid deer. 

School’s out!!!  And it is officially vacation time.  I plan on using the time wisely…..

What Ten Minutes a Day gets you?  600 yards of nice Merino Top, about fingering weight.  I was quite surprised to get that much yardage, but pleased. 


And because I just can’t leave on vacation without starting something else…..this is going to be the February Lady Sweater.  I love the look of this sweater and especially the description the pattern writer puts in – “made to fit a grown-ass woman”.  This is what I am.  A Grown-ASS woman!!    The yarn?  That’s the Queensland Kathmandu DK, I just scored on ebay.  DK.  uh, not so much.  I orginally purchased it for the B-Side cardy, but the swatch was a titch too big and no amount of needle magic was getting me that gauge I needed or wanted to fiddle with.  This is working up spot on for this pattern – which calls for worsted weight.  And on the same size needles the pattern calls for.  What choice do I have?  It’s coming along on vacation – it’s been a bit cooler lately and I’m hoping the trend continues on in Vermont.  And then Maine.  I do have backup projects and of course, the inevitable trips to yarn shops I find – I’m not worried.  The little Hitchhiker wheel is loaded up with fiber and ready to pack.  The camper is repaired and newly tented.  Everything is washed except those last two loads of clothes.  The last minute errands get done this morning and the house tiding this afternoon.  We might even leave a little later than usual, since we are heading to Vermont first, instead of Maine/New Hampshire.  Rain is in the forecast – but I’ve got books, suduko, card games, Ipod, and knitting to occupy.  We head on over to Maine on Thursday next week and spend the rest of the camping trip there – kayaks are being racked and ready to go for the Basin Lake we camp around.  Our oldest is housesitting – we will definitely miss him, but it’s comforting to have things in such capable hands. 

Well, that’s it for now – enjoy your days and Happy Knitting!

Do Over


Sometimes (or often, in my case) knit’s just don’t work out the way you want them to.  Usually, it doesn’t take me half a sock to figure that out.

These were the Undulating Rib socks.  Meh.  The pattern was really lost in the yarn.  Jeanne suggest Baby Cable Rib.  So Baby Cable Rib it is – I’m much happier with the way these are turning out – just enough patterning to keep me interested. 

I’ve been keeping to my pledge to spin Just Ten Minutes A Day so far………

This basket was overflowing with fiber and I’ve managed to get it to a level state – and half a bobbins worth of spinning – I’m wondering if I’ll get much more than a bobbins worth of singles out of this. 

Spinning and Knitting at Jeanne’s yesterday – always a good time, but this time there was fiber purchases involved…..

Sakina Needles BFL, Gram Negative colorway – just gorgeous. 

Sakina Needles BFL, Squashed colorway – too gorgeous for me not to start spinning almost immediately!  I’ve never spun BFL before, but I really enjoyed it.  I’ll be finishing up this fiber and the Gram Negative on vacation – if I can tear myself away from it for now!  Thanks Jeanne!!

Northwest NJ Knitters can now be found on Ravelry – Jeanne had the wonderful idea to move the group information over there and I thought is was a great idea!  So if you’re in the area, come on over and join us!

To my Dad and my DH – Happy Father’s Day!  And a Happy Day to all those Dad’s out there – enjoy the day!