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Owl Watch Over You


My 5th and probably, favorite coloring page just went live in my Etsy shop…..

Owl Watch Over You Listing

Owl Watch Over You

Adorable Owls, with pretty Botanical’s and a little hint of Summer Time Bee’s all in an instant PDF you can print out on your choice of paper and start coloring however you like.  You can even add some tangles if coloring isn’t your thing.  Your PDF will print out without the center watermark.  I’d love to see this once you’ve colored it in, so be sure to let me know!

Next time you read this blog….I’m hoping to have become a CZT!

Gnome Home Coloring Page


Because commenter Barb asked……Gnome Home, complete with guardian Owl is now available for instant Download.

Gnome Home Listing

I’m so excited to be able to offer my work as coloring pages and I would be really thrilled to see how they’re getting colored in, so please let me know if you do!  And thanks for the request, Barb!

So Close!


This time next week, my friend Karen and I will be on a Road-Trip to Providence, Rhode Island to attend the CZT Seminar #20!   Soooooo excited.  We have been waiting since November when we signed up and it seemed so far away then.  I’ll be really thrilled to add the “CZT” after my name soon!

Two more coloring pages completed this week –






They join this one completed last weekend


If you had to choose – which one would you like to see uploaded into my etsy shop first?  They will be available in PDF format, which seems to be universally available, priced at $1.50 each.  Instantly downloadable so you can get coloring or filling with tangle patterns right away!

I’m Not Procrastinating Anymore


Keeping a to-do list has really helped with my big problem – Procrastination.  I was able to get not one…but three sheep drawings done yesterday, along with etching some ornaments, getting the guest rooms ready for holiday guests – yay!  You saw the Thanksgiving Sheep yesterday, but I had two more I needed to get done before the Art show December 6th…because it’s a Christmas show.

First up – Merry Christmas to Ewe

Merry Christmas to Ewe Web

And lastly…for now...Let It Snow –

Let It Snow web

These are also available on Redbubble – and I was quite excited to see some sales already this morning!  Thank you, whomever you are – you made my day!  These designs are all available as Prints, Cards, Stickers, Pillows, Tote bags.  I didn’t enable phone covers, mugs and travel cups, but drop me a note if you would like them available that way.  I’m working very hard to try to get the last few designs I have in mind done and uploaded so I can get a Calendar available – I’ve had a few requests for that, so I’m going to give it a try.  Thanks again – the support means so much!

Tangled Ornate Cross


I really have a nice selection of Ben Kwok’s templates completed.  This is my latest…..

Tangled Ornate Cross 62314 001

Ornate Cross.  I used Sakura Micron 01 Black Ink and Pencil shading.  After I started this on the Bristol Vellum, I kept thinking how nice and rustic this would look on some Toned Tan paper, so I just might have to make another.  I really enjoy these templates as it lets you get right into the tangling.  I don’t always use all of the lines in a template and more often than not, I tend to add elements in, just to make it more my own and different.

Today I took out my Mandala Stencils and set to working on my own design.  I like the way it’s turning out and it’s nice to work on something I’ve made from start to finish.  I’ll post a photo when I’m done.  I tend to work in bursts, and I put down my work a lot, doing something else and coming back to it during the course of the day (or days).  I find that when I’m stalled on what to do next, if I put it down, something usually comes to me and that’s when I’ll pick it up and continue on.  How do you work – do you start something and not put it down till your done?