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New Tangle Pattern O-Cee


If you saw my Sea Turtle yesterday, you might have noticed a pattern on it’s shell.  I’ve drawn this pattern before as it fits so well in any kind of shape and yesterday I added the accent of an aura and some other little flourishes.  The amazing part of getting immersed in working on something is that the patterns kind of take on a life of their own, and before you’re even aware of it, things go off  in a totally new direction.   I knew I had seen something like this pattern somewhere, but when someone on Ornation Creation asked what it was, I just couldn’t find it.  I finally did find  Genevieve Crabe’s Fleurette and knew she was the inspiration behind my pattern…..I thought I should draw out the steps, since the pattern definitely went off into a different direction than the original by Genevieve,  so here it is…..O-Cee

O-Cee 001



The name O-Cee is a little homage to this great group, Ornation Creation…such an inspiring, creative group of people!

If you haven’t been to Genevieve’s site,  Tangle Harmony, go on a give it a visit.  She has wonderful Stencils (I have the Mandala Stencils and they are AWESOME), does a weekly round up with all the tangly news of the week and beautiful inspiration from her own sketchbook.  You’ll want to keep an eye on her site and subscribe for sure!

Good Luck Cowl Pattern


Pattern Available now, Free, Here – it’s on my side-bar and also up at the top of the page becauseIcan’tfigureouthowtomakeitgoawayfromthere.  (Edited to add:  It’s on Ravelry, too, but right now you’ll have to do a pattern search to queue it (or use that link)  – as it’s my very first design and I’m new in the system.  )

 It’s a simple pattern repeat of Shetland lace, in the Horseshoe pattern (get it – Good Luck?) and I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I will never again think that designers just whip these things up in their sleep!   I’ve had it test knit by Jeanne – who says she’s having fun and enjoying the pattern – I hope she really is!!!! 

The weekend is already getting away from me – it’s near on 10:30 and I’m not even moved away from the computer!  I have food shopping to do, gifts to get, appetizers to make, places to go.  Oh, and I’d like to get a little watch-the-bunny play while I knit time, too.  It’s a nice, sunny, breezy day and hopefully it will dry out a bit.  Dinner with friends later and that is always a good time. 

Enjoy your Saturday!