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For the Love of Tangling July Challenge!


I have a group on FB, For the Love of Tangling, that’s been a lot of fun and it’s a wonderful group of people.  We were having weekly challenges, but that was a little too much, so we’ve now gone to Monthly Challenges.  My inspiration for July’s Challenge was a tile I started at CZT Seminiar, one of the pre-strung Zendalas.

I finished it this morning and Viola!  July’s Zendala Challenge is born!


Patterns used here are Poke Leaf, Diva Dance Rock N’ Roll, and Betweed.  Come on over and join us in the group and you can participate in the challenge!  With a whole month to work on this, we should have a photo album just brimming with amazing!  Do one – do more than one – prestrung, your own design, a template….go for it.  Show us your Zendalas!


Mandala Addiction…it is so a real problem


I’ve had these stencils for a while…..I’ve been using them this week and I think I might have a problem.

Tangled Mandala 2 in Color 001

I really wanted to try my General’s Multipastel Chalk Pencils and this was the perfect opportunity.  I really liked using them – very easy to get some color and shading at the same time.  And these stencils – so many possibilities, so little time!!!

Today I spent some time on some of my own original work….Drawing some sheep.  We are doing the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival in September and my DH suggested I drawn and tangle some sheep….I’ll be making some more, but for now I’ve put him up in my Redbubble Shop…..I love the tote bag and pillow….so cute for a knitters/crocheters studio.

Tangled Sheep 002 refined

He’s getting a little unraveled!

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I like Redbubble for t-shirts, hoodies, posters, cards and tote bags.  I’ve gotten good feedback on the T-shirt quality at Redbubble, too.   Fine Art America does mostly prints, so I’ll continue to use both – and I’m thrilled to have made some sales already at FAA.

Thanks so much for all the support and comments, especially on my post yesterday – I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement!

Calling Myself an Artist has never come easily….


Artist. I’ve always wanted to be one, but I still  hesitate to call myself that.  I know other people have referred to me that way.  I sort of cringe a little bit when I hear them say it.  I guess I haven’t become comfortable with it, or maybe I have a hard time with feeling confident about it, probably a little bit of both.   I often doubt  my abilities.  What if  the people that have said that to me, that phrase, “you’re so talented” , what if they were really just being nice or blowing smoke up my behind?  What if it’s like those singers you see on American Idol?  You know, the ones that can’t sing, that clearly have been told how wonderful they are by those closest to them…….but if those closest to them really cared how could they let them get up on national TV and sing like that?

I’m more comfortable now that I ever used to be –  I put my work up on this very public blog so that I can share it.  I think I can call myself an Artist from time to time.  Is that what I do as my job?  No, sadly, I don’t think I’ve come that far and I can’t just quit the day job.  Is it what I’d like to be able to say at some point?  Absolutely.  This summer I decided to just give it a go.  Put my art out there.  Make a wish list.  Plan for the future.  See if people are interested and if they are, hopefully they’ll buy a print or a card or a shirt.  It’s not a get rich scheme, oh no.  I think being able to sell some of your work is sort of a validation, a reason to keep doing what you love to do, even though you’d probably keep doing it anyway.    Today I started a shop at Fine Art America.  I would love if you could check on it, maybe like a thing or two or perhaps even become one of my followers, maybe even share it with others.   I’ve had some purchases on my redbubble account and I’m over the moon about it!   I’m getting better at some things, and asking for help getting my art out there is one of them.

I remember wanting to go to Art School when I was in elementary school.  One of the scammy little ads you see in a magazine.  One of my friends actually took the test and was accepted.  She didn’t go, because of course the tuition is phenomenal once you are accepted….you know, a little scammy.  I still see that advertised here and there.  Not that it’s not a real school, but my parents just didn’t think it was the best thing for me and of course I was too young to even know what scammy was.  I did take a lot of art classes in high school……as much as I could, but when it came time for college, I  went the route of what was going to support me, blah blah blah….best for your future, yadda yadda which didn’t work out anyway.  You know how it goes.

Now, I’m planning on taking the Zentangle CZT class in 2015.  One advantage of being a grownup is being able to do something like that, even though some people might view it as a little over the top, I have been thinking about it since I discovered this art form.  So 2015 is the year I’m going to just go ahead and do it!  I’m planning.  I’m waiting for the next course offerings to come out.  I’m committing to it.  I can’t wait!  This is the Art School I didn’t get to go to.

I did get to play around with Genevieve’s Mandala Stencils yesterday and I’m really happy….having an idea and ending up with this?   I’m ok with it.  I think I can use this as my contribution to Joey’s Weekly Challenge #13…

Hand Drawn Mandala 62414 002

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

While I was working on this I began thinking I should give one of these a try on some Toned Tan Paper….maybe with some pastel chalk to highlight…..

Thanks for reading.  And commenting.  And letting me ramble.

Tangled Ornate Cross


I really have a nice selection of Ben Kwok’s templates completed.  This is my latest…..

Tangled Ornate Cross 62314 001

Ornate Cross.  I used Sakura Micron 01 Black Ink and Pencil shading.  After I started this on the Bristol Vellum, I kept thinking how nice and rustic this would look on some Toned Tan paper, so I just might have to make another.  I really enjoy these templates as it lets you get right into the tangling.  I don’t always use all of the lines in a template and more often than not, I tend to add elements in, just to make it more my own and different.

Today I took out my Mandala Stencils and set to working on my own design.  I like the way it’s turning out and it’s nice to work on something I’ve made from start to finish.  I’ll post a photo when I’m done.  I tend to work in bursts, and I put down my work a lot, doing something else and coming back to it during the course of the day (or days).  I find that when I’m stalled on what to do next, if I put it down, something usually comes to me and that’s when I’ll pick it up and continue on.  How do you work – do you start something and not put it down till your done?