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So Much Happening.


So it’s been a really busy summer.  We traveled for almost a month, seeing more of the Beautiful U.S.A.  I think we were home for 4 days when we had to quickly travel down to Florida for a family members health emergency.  10 days later, back home for a two weeks and now….in the home stretch since school starts for me next Monday.  So sad to see summer go, but looking forward to the new school year.

So while all this was going on…the Collaborative Coloring Book I participated in was published!!!

volume 2 cover

Global Doodle Gems, Volume 2, available on Amazon!

I’m pretty excited to be in the midst of some wonderful artists – it’s quite a thrill seeing my own work out there in a book!

I’m also making my pages available for Instant Digital download in my etsy shop and the first one is up today

paisley listing photo

Paisley Coloring page from Global Doodle Gems, Vol. 2

I’ll be listing the other pages over the course of the next few weeks, so stick with me.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work on my own collection of coloring pages as well.  And just to make things a little more interesting, we’re also gearing up for the NJ Sheep Breeders show in just a few, short weeks.

Did I forget to mention I need to get a class schedule together for some Zentangle classes as well?  Yes, there is that, too.

So tell me, what did you do over your summer vacation?

At Last!


Rhode Island will always be so special to me now….certificate

So much.  So many much.  Honestly – there isn’t a big enough word to describe the enormity of how this experience has impacted me.  Amazing, Wonderful, Exciting, Awesome, Extraordinary….they just don’t seem to do the job.


My body of work from the seminar – I just cannot believe all that we experienced.  You really have no idea until you decide to attend this and get there.   You don’t read too much about it on the interwebs and maybe that helps make it more exciting when you get there.  I will tell you this – I do not think you can possibly find a  person who didn’t think this was one of the best things they ever did for themselves.

So much to absorb and I cannot wait to share this method with students.  It’s something remarkable to know that you’re standing on the edge of something so wonderful that you might just get to share with other people.

I’m a Certified Zentangle Teacher!

Tangled Flower Tutorial


I finished this piece last week…

DC Flower

Which was inspired by a member of my Facebook Group, For the Love of Doodling.  Diane C made a beautiful drawing of a woman wearing a hat and she had this big, wonderful flower.  She says she didn’t make the pattern up,  but with her kind permisson, I’ve deconstructed it.  It’s a lot of fun to do and a few members where asking for a video of how so…

I hope you enjoy it and I’ve love to see what you do with it.  Come on over and join us at For the Love of Doodling!



Well, the show went on without a hitch.  The weather was really bad – very heavy rains, so I think that a lot of people didn’t venture out, but we were among over 120 vendors and we had a fair amount of buyers.  We did ok.  I would definitely consider doing the show again, and definitely change things up a bit – our future daugher-in-law Jess, spent the day there with us, which was just so enjoyable and she was so helpful.  Since she’s very talented herself, I really appreciate the ideas that she comes up with in terms of what I can do to offer more interesting and appealing creations.  And brainstorming with her,  I thought maybe I should venture into the world of Youtube videos…….put myself out there before I get my CZT and get people familiar with my channel, so to speak.  She has her own Youtube channel and I trust her opinion So….I made a little video.

Please feel free to share, like, comment, subscribe – I’d really appreciate the feedback.  And thanks for taking the time to watch!

And about that CZT Seminar.  Registration opened up and my friend Karen and I are now signed up for CZT 20 in June!  So very excited!  I cannot wait and we hope to be teaching our first class sometime next fall.

I really feel keeping my daily journal helped with meeting all the goals I had before the show, so now…onto the Holidays – I better get shopping!

A Quick Update


Well…..Mike Rowe Won!  I’ve been nominating him since Kim started this contest and finally….He is the Knitter’s Hunk 2014!  Woohoo.  And this gal won the Grand Prize….but honestly,  Mike winning that Knitter’s Hunk title was Grand Prize enough – thanks for all the help!

I’ve been busy, busy.  Work/School started up…..seriously cuts into my art time.  Hubby and I did a Fiber Festival and had two really fantastic days!  I couldn’t be happier – Some of my original Sheep founds new homes and lots of prints and cards, too.  All my Tangled Whorls sold out before the second day opened.  We will definitely be doing that show again.

Now to something that happened this weekend.  I have mentioned Ben Kwok and his group Ornation Creation.  Ben makes wonderful templates for us to use and enjoy – he has stated many, many times that we can sell our work made from his templates.   Friday night someone on the group reported a person on redbubble that didn’t use  a template of Ben’s….they took an original piece of artwork of his and listed it as their own. That person was quickly banned by Redbubble.  Quite a different thing.  Now I would have put that in a private message to Ben, but a member put it on the group wall.  What ensued after that was a semi-witch hunt.  And since people were so gung ho, looking up possible art theives…..they came upon MY Redbubble page and started listing links to my page and STATING MY NAME on the group wall.  And yet the real thief’s name was never mentioned.   The very first person to do that so enthusiastically, is a fellow Artist and  popular CZT, has a popular blog that I had been promoting and recommending to people.    The second person, who stated my name, I don’t know from adam, but eagerly jumped in to add her two cents and linking to more of my artwork.  The third person to link to my page AND state my name just jumped on the bandwagon.  Can you see where this is going?  None of these people had the facts.  If any of the three of them READ the descriptions on my artwork, they would have clearly seen Ben’s name, giving him credit for the template.  If any of them cared to read the many posts Ben made, stating the permissions he gave, this wouldn’t have happened.   These three people, never thought of the damage they were doing to me and my reputation.  Incriminating me in the mix with a thief.  The commenting thread got to be over 100 comments long!  People came to my defense, other members “reminded” people about what Ben has stated , yet another posted concern that putting my name out there maybe wasn’t the right thing to do….but this thread….people were never going to see the thief’s name – only MINE because people who I’ve interacted with, one who is a member of my own group on Facebook, just threw me into the mix.  So very thoughtless.

I know stealing art is horrible, but I didn’t steal art.  I made art.   My work appeared at the top of their searches probably because I’ve gotten a few features over at redbubble – but these people really should have checked their facts before accusing someone PUBLICLY of doing something like that.  Better yet, ask some questions privately….Not one of these people bothered to contact me at all.  They just labelled me, threw my name out there carelessly without a single thought as to what that would DO.    One of them apologized.  That well known artist/CZT, being the first, Enthusiastic person to link me, removed her comment without so much as a sorry, with a terse “I’ve removed the comment Chris…”   Needless to say…..I have a new view of three people. This says much more about them, then it does about me, I know that.  I had the support of a lot of group members, my family and close friends that actually caught the drama as it was unfolding and other members that took the time to reach out to me privately and offer their apologies that this had happened and their support.  Go figure – people who did nothing wrong offering up apologies.  But those three other people getting caught up in drama, mob mentality……who really should have thought before they typed – those Internet muscles can really hurt someone.  Targeting someone, like they targeted me is BULLYING.  By the way,  Ben himself was clear and restated his permission for the 100th time.  And he took down the post at my request.

The point?  Think before you link.  I could just as easily and rightfully link to that artist’s page and you’d all know who she was, however tempting that is to me.   She affected my day, my reputation, my art, something I love and enjoy.  Am I going to do that?  No….two wrongs don’t make a right.  I wouldn’t want to affect her, the way her bad judgement and rash behavior affected me.  But I needed to get this off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

For the Love of Doodling


My friend Karen and my cousin Suzanne and I have formed a new group on Facebook….For the Love of Doodling.  Please come on over and join in – it will be another place for you to share your work in doodling, tangling, and related art.  We would appreciate your support – a brand new group is born!  We will be no nonsense, straight up sharing, admiring, inspiring.  No spam, no soliciting or any other nonsense (hence the no nonsense 😉

Back from our Trip!


We’ve been camping out west, visiting our amazing National Parks – we started at Glacier National Park, then explored Yellowstone and lastly Rocky Mountain National Park. We had an amazing time seeing all the wonders that are in our Beautiful Country and there is still so much to see.

I did get to work on two pieces while I was away…..I choose these animals because we were fortunate enough to see them! I’ll be working on an Eagle next….but for now…
Glacier Buffalo web

Glacier Buffalo

Big Prairie Wolf Web

Big Prairie Wolf

Both of these are available in my Redbubble shop, so I really appreciate you’re taking a click on over there to take a look around.

Tangled Fourth Of July!


Happy Fourth of July!

Tangled Patriotic Sheep web

Tangled Patriotic Sheep, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you may be doing.  Thank you to our Son and Daughter-in-law and  all the Brave, who keep this this Land of the Free.

We had some nasty weather yesterday, wicked thunderstorms and a tornado  passed by us and just a few minutes away from us, people are without power, trees down, property damage.  We had some good sized hail as it was going by, but other than our canopy moving a few feet,  and losing power for about 5 minutes, we were very lucky.  Stay safe out there!

I’ll Watch Over Ewe


That’s the name of Wednesday’s Sheepy Thing…..

Tangled I'll watch over Ewe Web


Tangled I’ll Watch Over Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This would be number 8 in this series. A Devoted Mama keeping watch over her little one sleeping.  I think this one would make a perfect Baby Gift, especially in a pillow to decorate a chair in  Baby’s room…..Which one is your favorite?

I have a few templates I’d like to catch up on and a commissioned piece I’m pondering the design of.  I love when I get a commission to do because I really enjoy the process of making what someone is talking about  into something tangible, visible on paper.

I’d also like to give a new book, Pattern Play, A Zentangle Creativity Booster by Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer a thorough look-through and review.  So far, I’m liking what I see.  It is  presented like a workbook with a good amount of patterns and their variations  with “idea starters” to get you going.    I really love Cris’s other book, Made in the Shade – excellent book to learn shading techniques.  I bought both of my books through Amazon, so that’s the links I’ve given.

Have a Great Day and Keep on Tangling!