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So Much News!


Wow – the time has gone by in a blink!  So much going on this past month and I think I’m finally caught up.  Exciting things!

First, I was approached about being in a Collaboration Coloring Book project with other artists – I was excited but apprehensive about such a big project, but ultimately, being part of this is only going to be a good thing!  I will be one of the artists in the 2nd Volume of Global Doodle Gems!  The 1st Volume should be released next month and the 2nd possibly in August!  I finished my contributions and sent them off yesterday.

The second really exciting thing that happened was another invitation to be in another book!  I will be among quite a few artists and their Tangle pattern Step Outs.  Five of my patterns will be included in the book, along with some artwork.  So excited for this as well – and hopefully that book will be available by Christmas.

Now with all this going on, I’ve got CZT Seminar coming up in two short weeks – my friend Karen and I are driving up to Rhode Island and we can’t wait.  With all the creativity, I’ve got tons of ideas floating around in my head for my OWN book and this is the beginning of that….

dragonfly page

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit,  as the inking isn’t done.  I’m sorry to say I will be much more careful about the photo’s I’m posting and watermarking them – I’ve had a bit of a run in with people thinking my work on my FB page was FREE,  so much of the art there was taken down and will only be re-uploaded when it’s all been watermarked.  I don’t like watermarking, I much preferred to upload low resolution, smaller photo’s but after having all of my work downloaded by a group of enthusiastic coloring page seekers (and honestly, who knows who else downloaded them) I think I have to be more cautious.

So, to sum up – Coloring Book, Tangle pattern Step Out Book,  CZT training, compiling a good amount of pages for my own  book, the end of the school year (yay!) and then its SUMMER VACATION!  Whooohoooo!  I have a copy of Elements 13 I need to learn how to use for more professional editing of my artwork (help!) and lot’s of sketchbooks to fill, not to mention, I’d like to make a few more videos – what would you all like to see next?

Podzles Tangle Pattern Video


Fresh from the video camera to Youtube…..


It’s been bitterly cold here in the Northeast and while we haven’t gotten as much snow as those north of us, we are still having quite the snowy winter.   We haven’t had a Monday in school since January 5th!  And today is a holiday, so we are home again – not that I’m complaining.  I’m getting used to the shorter work weeks.

Stay warm and safe out there!

Good Luck Cowl


My pattern, Good Luck Cowl, has been available since 2008.  It has proven to be a good little pattern, fast and easy to knit and you end up with a cute, kick-butt little cowl.  I’ve made the decision to put a price on it now, since I have been and still support the pattern.  I’m not charging a ridiculous amount for it, but since I’ve never done something like this – offered something for free and then charged for it, I’m a little apprehensive.  That being said, I’ve set the price at $3.50.  I feel this is reasonable for a pattern that is tried and true…..for a cute, kick-butt little cowl.  It is available only on Ravelry right now…until etsy has figured out it’s procedure with VAT and patterns sold to the EU.  If you are from the EU and want any of my patterns, please just email me and we will work it out.

Superbowl Sunday and we are getting ready for our annual get together – and a messy snow storm.  We’ll see if we get what we say after last weeks big mess up with the snowmageddonpocolyse 2015 that we didn’t get.  But truth be told, we did have a snow day and not as much clean up, so I’m ok with it.  Hoping for another snow day tomorrow – does that make me crazy?  I love snow days!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend have fun, be safe and stay warm!  It’s cold out there!

Do Ewe Love Fall?


I do…it’s my favorite time of year.  Today was the perfect day to sit down and complete this lastest Sheep in the Flock…

Do Ewe Love Fall web

Do you Love Fall, available on Redbubble in prints, cards, totes, stickers etc…go on and have a look.

I’ve wanted to get to this for a bit now – the sketch has been done for a while, but I’ve been busily preparing for that Christmas show.  I have two winter sheep ready to ink – one for the Holidays and one representing winter.  I’m hoping to get a Calendar done by mid-November.  Fingers crossed.

And a little public service announcement.  You know you’ve seen me mention….well it’s that time of year – the Annual Request for Assistance.  It’s a much loved  resource for many, many people and Linda needs our help to keep it going.  You know, she runs that place by herself!  So go on over and see what you can do to help out – and spread the word –  I know it’s the first place I recommend to anyone who wants to get started in Zentangle and I know others do the same – lets keep it going.  Every bit counts!

Fizz and Podzles


I have two new tangle patterns to share with you today.

First up is Fizz.  I’ve had Fizz around for about a month.  It was basically staring me in the face at my first day back to school in-service.  It was a pattern on someone’s dress who was sitting a few rows in front of me.  I thought it would be perfect as a tangle and immediately drew it on my folder.  It took me a little bit to draw out the steps, but here it is


The second tangle is Podzles…..this one came to me last night as I was finishing tangling my Pumpkin.  I think you could use it both as a long ribbon type tangle and as a filler.


I’d love to see if you use these patterns, so be sure to let me know!  Enjoy!

New Tangle Pattern – Rivet


While I was working on my challenge yesterday, I started to draw this pattern and realized I haven’t seen it before – I love when you get so immersed in what you’re doing that you unlock something new.  I’m sharing my pattern, Rivet here.  If you noticed my Circle piece yesterday, it goes around the top circle on the left and I think I really like it in it’s curved form.  Have fun.

Rivet Tangle Pattern by Chris Gerstner 001 (2)


I love when people use my patterns and I don’t care if you’re using them for yourself or even if you are selling a piece with my pattern in it.  But I will ask if you are going to include any of my patterns in a publication or reference, that you contact me for permission and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!

Good Luck Cowl Pattern


Pattern Available now, Free, Here – it’s on my side-bar and also up at the top of the page becauseIcan’tfigureouthowtomakeitgoawayfromthere.  (Edited to add:  It’s on Ravelry, too, but right now you’ll have to do a pattern search to queue it (or use that link)  – as it’s my very first design and I’m new in the system.  )

 It’s a simple pattern repeat of Shetland lace, in the Horseshoe pattern (get it – Good Luck?) and I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I will never again think that designers just whip these things up in their sleep!   I’ve had it test knit by Jeanne – who says she’s having fun and enjoying the pattern – I hope she really is!!!! 

The weekend is already getting away from me – it’s near on 10:30 and I’m not even moved away from the computer!  I have food shopping to do, gifts to get, appetizers to make, places to go.  Oh, and I’d like to get a little watch-the-bunny play while I knit time, too.  It’s a nice, sunny, breezy day and hopefully it will dry out a bit.  Dinner with friends later and that is always a good time. 

Enjoy your Saturday!