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Ten Years!!!


Upon checking my archives today, I realized that I’ve had this blog for Ten years!  That’s amazing!  I simply can’t believe it.  In appreciation for the support, I’m having a little Give-away.  My way of saying thank you to the readers who’ve stuck by me, who humor me, who might scroll through when they don’t find too much of interest – thanks.  You’ve been wonderful to me over these Ten years.

So,  for putting up with me for TEN!  YEARS!  I’ll be choosing 3 winners via random number generator. Leave a comment and I’ll put your name in the hat.  Share it on your blog, Facebook, etc and let me know and I’ll throw your name in again.  The winners will get their choice of an 8 x 10 print from my Tangled Art  – you can view them on Redbubble.  The Give-away will run from now until this blogs Anniversary date – January 1, 2015.  I’ll announce the winners January 2nd.  Thanks so much – I know I can switch gears with my obsessions, but I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas 2014 web

Weathering Rhinebeck


We arrived a bit before the rain started…….just enough time to find someone else camped in our reserved spot, get a NEW spot, set up and take a long walk with Sophie….

She is such a good camp dog.  Traveling to camp is a titch iffy…..she likes to hurl maybe a few times the first few days, but then seems to settle in and start enjoying herself.  There is so much to smell!  And Sticks!  And sleeping in the big bed.   It did rain most of the night and into the next day.  And it did get windy.  But the first day of Rhinebeck was chilly and cloudy.

I bought surprisingly little.  We had a rough week the week before the trip – a family member was in a car accident (banged up and bruised but ok), some hard situations to get through for our family and the Fire Dept and another family member is in the hospital – on the mend, thankfully.  I think all those things brought to light…..that I have so much.  So much yarn.  So much stuff.  That I should enjoy what I have.  So, I was thankful to walk away with a skein of yarn for myself, a few patterns, some slippers and a gift for someone in our family.  I was happy to walk around and admire a lot of beautiful things……and glad I decided not to stand in some of the crazy lines to pay for things I can get, for the most part, by ordering over the internet directly.  I bought what really caught my eye.  And what I didn’t already have.  I’m really happy with that.  I spent a wonderful weekend with my husband, celebrating our 26th anniversary a few days early – I would say it was a perfect trip!

I did finish Bellevue before the trip…..

But I didn’t have enough time to block it before we left.  Just as well, I really want to block it to fit my smaller self.  I’m close to losing 30 pounds, and don’t want to be tempted to block it to fit me now… is so close!  This was a great knit – the pattern was super easy to follow – I love the way she wrote the sleeves in and the edging really finishes it well.  I did add two rows of garter stitch to the edge to keep that edge flat.  I’m really looking forward to wearing this soon.

With everything that has been going on, I really have this renewed need to finish things.  Bridgewater is out of the bag and back on the top of the basket.  I have two more sides to finish and then I’m done with that.  I’m halfway done on the baby blanket and plan on casting on for Terra when Bridgewater is done and the Shale Baby blanket when Tiramisu is done.

Plans…..I got em.  They may be  a little changed around, that’s all.

Sophie seems ok with that.

Out with the Old, In with the New


Out with the Old……or I should say, Out with the project it turns out I don’t have enough yarn for after all.  Nantucket Red has hit the RIP basket – I was almost done with the back and digging into the 4th out of 8 balls of yarn.  Can you see the problem?  My gauge was fine.  That 8th ball was actually my SPARE – bought back when I wasn’t sure how many balls I was actually going to need.  I still had two fronts and two sleeves to go with those not even 4 full balls.  I don’t know what went wrong and I was coming up to the shoulder part of the pattern which I think had errors that weren’t posted yet, so sadly, it is ripped.  I’ll have to think of another pattern for the 8 balls of this Classic Silk and/or figure out how much yarn I’ll actually need to make that sweater…someday.  I’m a little fustrated that it didn’t work out as I was really looking forward to adding that sweater to my fall wardrobe this year.

The ripping of Nantucket actually left me with one project on the needles………well, that’s not entirely true.  I had forgotten I but the Alieta Shell in hibernation, so out it came and I started working on that……until…..

lacey yoga bagI was distracted.  That is going to be a Lacy Yoga bag – I love the yarn, Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK.  Jeanne asked me to come along to check out a yoga studio nearby and we’re starting yoga classes this morning!  I can’t wait.  I’ve been feeling like crap on toast and trying to get rest and I think yoga will be such a great stress reliever/restorative.  Thanks Jeanne!  I’ve also been working on a pair of yoga socks – which aren’t going to be ready for today, but hey – we’ve got 8 weeks of classes ahead of us and I’m sure they’ll be done in time to wear them at least once!

And once the bag and sock are out of the way….there is still Nefertiti to be picked up and worked on.   I’m getting the itch to make a sweater though……the weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, Rhinebeck is coming up……..

Catching Up is Hard to Do


I’ve really lost track of time the last few weeks – School started for everyone – We have two Seniors in the family, and  they’re not myself  or my DH –  A College Senior and High School Senior and an 18th birthday coming up for the High Schooler in less than two weeks!  But, we’ve got the perfect stress reliever…..

dreammaker spaOur new Dream Maker Spa…it’s amazing.  I’m still learning a new water chemistry with it…but it’s such a great way to relax and unwind after the day is done.

Before school started I met Jeanne for Lunch and she gave me these wonderful Birthday gifts….

Plymouth Alpaca PrimaPlymouth Alpaca Prima….so soft and the color is so rich!

Mirasol TupaMirasol Tupa – Merino and Silk, it’s sooooo nice.  Jeanne suggested the Faberge Cowl for the Tupa and I think it would be perfect.  I’m not sure what I’ll make with the Alpaca but it’s bound to be something warm and soft for wearing in the winter.  And to top it all off….she also gave me this at the last knitting group….

Jeanne's SockLacy Ribs Sock from Socks from the Toe Up…..which came with the other skein of Panda Wool to knit the second sock and I cast on for that yesterday.

the other sockI’m thinking I like this kind of sock knitting, so anytime Jeanne wants to knit one sock and give it to me, I’m ok with that!  Thanks Jeanne!

I’ve also been working on Nantucket Red – I really wanted to have that finished by now and I think a realistic goal would be the end of September.  I underestimated how much my arm would get in the way of my knitting, which pissed me off, but rather than re-injure it, I’m learning to knit around it.  At least the smaller projects are done fast and still give me a sense of accomplishing something.

It was nice to have a holiday weekend right after starting back to school – and we started off Friday night with Golf and Dinner with some friends.  Then Jeanne and her husband took us to a new-to-us golf course in PA which was amazing – we had such a great time!  Yesterday and today were hang around the house days – did a few shopping trips, but other than that, it’s BBQ’ing and relaxing for the coming work week.  The weather has gotten cooler since Saturday and it really feels like Fall is on the way.

Have a Great Week!



Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement – I’m glad you keep reading and as for the photos….

A Different Kind of RemoteI’m happy to keep sharing them with you.  Youngest near the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont.

As for knitting…………..I’m still funkified.  But feeling the urge……

Beary Weary


bear again

Sigh.  Stupid Bear.  He was here Friday – Tim had to chase him away after he took out a sheperds hook with a decorative, empty feeder on it.  Then this morning, just after Bob left for work I hear the big garbage go over and hit the driveway – and I know enough what the sound means, enough that I grab my camera because I’m going to at least try to get another shot of this, which turns out to be one fast Bear.  Another blurry photo.  I’m thinking I need to keep the big camera ready…..

He’s really starting to get on my nerves.

Don’t misunderstand – we love where we live.  We love how rural and unspoiled it is.  We love that we are pretty much protected from any big developments being able to go up around us.  We love that we live on a Mountain.  We even love the fact that there are Bear, Deer, Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Bear, Birds, and Bears.  Racoons and Oppossums and Bear.  We love all that.  I just wish this Bear wasn’t so close to our “dwelling”  We have eliminated feeding the birds.  The garbage was also empty.  I think we’ll have to move that into the garage – oh, yay, smelly garage.  We have talked about calling Fish and Game – but we know what they’ll do.  We just want to deter the Bear, keep him and us safe.  I don’t especially like the idea of having a huge bear trap around us and our neighbors – too many little kids around.  I’m hoping when more natural food becomes available for the pretty young Bear, he’ll be more drawn to the good stuff, than to us people stuff.  We’ve really enjoyed creating a Backyard Habitat for the birds we have nesting around here and it just sucks that we can’t keep feeding them, and their chicks through the nicer weather.  For the first time ever, we have a Baltimore Oriole’s nesting in one of the trees in our pasture – it’s awesome to see the Orioles quietly go in and out.  We have another nest of Blue Birds this year – very, very close to the house and we can watch them come and go with food for what is a new clutch of baby Blue Birds that we can hear already!  We have nesting Cardinals, that would usually bring their chicks to the front feeder and feed them on the rail.  I’m sure they’ll find plenty of food on their own, but Mr. Bossy Bear is really bullying the rest of the wildlife around – which I guess is the way it’s supposed to be.

On the knitting front, I’ve made progress on Nantucket Red…..

Nantucket REdI was able to work on it quite a bit at Knitting Group Saturday – it was such a beautiful day, we all sat outside and enjoyed the weather, sat, talked and knit.  It was great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to the yarn crawl we have coming up!

Today is a big day – our youngest is taking his Drivers License Road Test – and I’m going with him – nervous is an understatement – me, not him.  He’s fine.  We had to borrow a car because none of our vehicles have an emergency brake that the tester can get to – ain’t that a kick?  We’re fortunate to have good friends that are generous enough to loan us theirs.  So, by noon today, we will know if we have another licensed driver in the house – I can’t believe it – I am more nervous about this one that when our oldest took the test.  We may just have to go play golf this afternoon to settle my nerves….

We’ve managed to play once a week and I think I’m getting better at it – I know I’m having fun and I’m not “swinging and missing” as much – and yesterday was probably the first time I didn’t hurt my hand by pummeling the earth with the golf club!  I have one last lesson to arrange and then it’s play and go to the driving range till fall – then I might enroll in the Golf Clinic at our County College.  We’ll see – we took some friends yesterday that were pretty new to it and they ended up joining, too.  What a great way to get exercise, get outside and just relax and have fun!

Well……wish us luck………..I’ll update later with results of the test.

Update: Poor Schmoo……hit the cone in parallel parking – he now refers to himself as “the cone killer” and will be re-taking his test in a few weeks – he has a good attitude about it.  It was a little heart wrenching to watch him do it, but he’s a trouper.  Afterwards, we brought the car back to our friend who lives two houses up from us.  As we headed down her driveway, there was  a Really Big BEAR in front of us. (I knew it wasn’t our regular visitor because it was just too BIG)   We stopped in our tracks to see if the bear would turn and leave – but instead, she turned and faced us.  Then I saw a little black thing jump out of the tree the bear was next to – which at first was so small I thought for a split second – wow – what is that CAT doing chasing after that bear???????  Good thing it was a split second because as soon as I realized it was her CUB, I yelled for our neighbor, and told Dan to run back to the house – we high tailed it back inside – at which point she was trying to get her double screen doors shut because Mama was still right there, on the other side of the drive, waiting.

Waiting for what you ask?  Well, she had three more cubs to go with that tee-tiny one that jumped out of the tree – we didn’t see those three and our neighbor drove us home – waited for us to get into the house – and then called me when she got home to tell me the three little bears were headed our way.  They didn’t come up to our house, but were across the street as my neighbor was banging pots and beeping car horns a few minutes after that call.

I definitely know enough to get away from a Mama and her cubs and I’m just so glad my neighbor was home so we could run back to the house!

We’re all Beared out today.



It’s a shame I didn’t have a web cam in the front yard……

Bear Breakfast 51709

This is about 25 feet from my front door.  It’s blurry – taking photo’s in low light through the glass door wasn’t going to give me a clear shot – when I opened the door, he ran.  Bob and I had heard a “bang” about 20 minutes earlier – we thought it was the wind blowing a door shut since it was really windy after last nights storms.  I went to let Bailee Dog out the back door and Dan yelled “don’t let the dogs out!  Bear in the front! He was clearly enjoying our garbage (that was the bang) and when I opened the door to get a better shot, the click of the door spooked him.  I’m glad he’s so nervous and jerky – a bear that would have stayed would have been getting a visit from Fish and Game.  As it is….I think we have to add our phone call to the list of callers.  The funny thing is….I usually let Mikey dog out first in the morning – and he’s blind and he goes out the front.  I’m so glad for whatever reason I had changed my routine.

Bastard Bear.   He was all Over the back yard too, because when I did finally let Bailee out, she traced a path over much of the backyard and then stopped and looked at me as if to say “See, that bastard bear was back here too!”   He’s young, looks to be maybe a little over a year or so old, but big enough to keep me from just waltzing out either of my doors – and he’s definitely our feeder stealer – he plopped himself down with the garbage bag in the exact spot he plopped the feeder.

nefertiti chart 5

Nefertiti is getting a big bigger – I’m in the middle of chart 5 right now and still loving it.  What a great pattern!

Jeanne and I went on a little shopping trip last Tuesday and it was such a tough job to find something or two to buy….

jknits roving

J. Knits Merino Roving – I’m loving the color combintation and I’m wondering how it will spin up.

Mountain colors lace

Mountain Colors Winter Lace in Red Tail Hawk colorway – love it!  Jeanne and I never fail to find some really nice things at Down Cellar – it really is a great store and I would have to say one of my favorites.  I’m glad Jeanne called!

It’s another wacky weather pattern – yesterday was warmish but not as warm as friday – today is downright chilly!  We have golf on the schedule this afternoon, since Bob did mostly all the spring plantings yesterday while I was at Knit Group.  This weekend has really flown right by!

Later that same morning…….box bag

box bag inside

I made a Box Bag!!  I think this is my second ever zipper I’ve put in.  I know what I would definitely do differently next time – smaller width handle with interfacing in it.  But I love it! I’m pretty proud of myself – it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down at the sewing machine and constructed anything – now that the machine is back, all cleaned and serviced I’ll be using it more – I’ve already got a pajama pattern ready to go, and another type of zipper pouch I want to make.

Now….I just need more hours in the day!

I Think I Need a Ripper-vention


yarn formerly pacific islands

Yarn ball…..Formerly Known as Pacific Islands.  I think I’ve developed a ripping addiction.  I ripped Pacific Islands out – gone.  Undone.  De-Knit.  I dropped a stitch and just kept dropping and dropping and then there was a hole.  And then, I thought – I’m so bored with this.  If I wasn’t I would’ve finished by now.  Just rip it!

The Celebrate Spring socks – ripped.  Too big.  I mean, I have cankles, but it was way too big.  So, rippppppp again.

old vs. new

The Yarn Ball….with new Yarn Balls as yet un-named.  I’m thinking the pink might become Nefertiti.  I’m still waiting on the yarn for Madli, which is probably lurking in the bushes outside, too scared to even come into the house – see ripping problem above.

Speaking of lurking in bushes outside – take a look at this, my favorite bird feeder…

bear vs. bird feeder 2

Do you notice all the smashy-smasherton going on all over it?

This is not normally what this feeder looks like – no – that bird feeder has been dragged.  Dragged off the porch, around the house, up the hill and almost to the neighbors driveway.  Twice.   Yesterday, it was hanging up when I left for work.  Right where that red arrow is.

Bear Vs. Bird Feeder

My front porch.  Which is about 1 story off the ground.  My bay window is to the left, not much further than the edge of the photo.  To the right, is the rail and probably a 3 foot drop to the small patch of ground we have before the 13 steps that go down to the driveway.  Can you guess what’s been running around with my bird feeder?

I’ll give you a minute.  Really.  Just think about it.  That porch is maybe three feed wide.  The rail was completely bowed out yesterday until Bob fixed it.  I would really love to put the screens in my Bay window – but I’m totally unprepared to have a 300 pound BEAR in my living room when I come home from work.  This is going on apparently in broad daylight – because, as I said before – the bird feeder was hanging up before I left for work in the morning and was down, across the front lawn under a pine tree when I arrived home yesterday afternoon – now he’s not even bothering to go around the house and HIDE his shenanigans – he’s setting up and having a meal on my front lawn.

I believe we can most certainly consider this Bear aggressive since Fish & Game say within 100 yards of your house is the “aggressive zone” – he’s pretty much ON my house.  And now -No more bird feeders –  the bird feeders go away.  I think we may even have to call and let Fish & Game know about it – I just can’t believe this Bear is that close to us and our house, and apparently not deterred by the dogs or us. (not that either dog has made a sound in any of the dozen visits we have had in the past from bear)  If I can figure out a way to set up my lap top webcam in the front window on motion sensor, I might just be able to get photographic proof.

I was hoping I might spy him and get Fish & Game on the phone – but not today.  Today he must have taken a personal day, just like I did.  I’m betting he didn’t have nearly the amount of stress I had this week at work, either.  So glad to have today off – did a bunch of errands, lost an hour going to a yarn shop that should have been open, but wasn’t, spent some time in a bead shop, and mananged to pay more than I planned for some Zephyr yarn (lesson learned – you can’t beat Sarah’s for price or service).  Since the yarn for Madli isn’t here yet – sigh – and since Jeanne suggested I give it a try, I’m going to cast on for Nefertiti today, to keep Jeanne company while she’s home recuperating – Feel Better Jeanne!

Tim can’t make it home this weekend and I’ll miss him – but he’ll be home late next week for the summer.  We are probably going to see the new Star Trek movie tonight, tomorrow I’m hoping to get my sewing machine into the shop for repair and Sunday is Mother’s Day golf!

Have a Great Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day



Flowers from Bob – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the second day of my four day weekend – I love this particular weekend in February – we have four days off and it’s a little slice of heaven that never fails to please me.  I had the day to myself yesterday as everyone else was working/schooling… I ran a few errands, went to visit our local Reservoir and Natural Area and bought a nice sandwich for my lunch.  I took quite a few photo’s while I was up at the reservoir….


I’m especially proud of this one because I knew what I wanted to do and just kept shooting till I got what I thought I had visualized – which is something I don’t really do a lot when making images – but I’m starting to branch out and want to do more, seeing more in my minds eye before I hit the shutter.

I also plan on some light knitting – the arm is acting the hell up – I was supposed to be released from PT and wasn’t, I’m getting fustrated and more than a little pissed off and I hope that doctor is prepared for our visit on the 23rd, because I want some further tests – I’m not making progress past this point and actually backsliding – totally not acceptable to me.  I know I haven’t been blogging a lot – which is probably due to the fact that I’ve not been knitting as much, but I am trying to keep up with the the knitting community.  I know I was in a funk, partly due to the arm, and I think partly due to something else that happened around the holidays – not something I want to get into here…but I think it added to the knitting funk/slump and I’m quite annoyed that I let it.  I notice that when I associate a hobby I love with people, sometimes if I get let down by a person, the hobby suffers for it.  I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I assoicate that hobby with the let down?  I don’t know.  But, however rambling this sounds….I’m done with that too!  I miss my hobby, which is MY hobby, and I do it for me.  So, I’d like to get back to that.  I miss the peace I found in it, the calm I could find when I had a rough day, the productiveness I felt when I finished something.  I know the arm is going to hold me back and I can’t help that – but I can help letting the other stuff seep into it and take some of the joy away.

With all that in mind…I’m making slow but steady progress on another sock….


Eagles Flight socks…..I’m really liking how these are turning out and I’m happy to be working on them…for now!

And I keep looking at this….


That wiley Malabrigo that gave me such a hard time while I was trying to wind it…..I want to find just the right pattern – any ideas?

The new Interweave Knits arrived yesterday….and right away I thumbed through it and was so happy to see the article “Start as Many New Projects as You Can” by Vicki Square…….and I feel free!  I’ve always kinda felt that way about my projects – but let the guilt creep in when I thought I had too many on the needles – not by my standards, but by what other knitters might think….but the heck with that!  I’ve finished my fair share of projects and I’m not going to to let what I have on the needles boss me around anymore into thinking I can’t cast on for something if I really want to!  There are quite a few lovelies in this issue that I’m really looking at making – Delphine, Fountain Pen Shawl, Sweet Lily Shawl, Silk Cocoon Cardigan to name a few.

Finally, I was given an award by Knitnana


Thank you Sallee, for thinking of me!  I’m flattered and honored to say the least.  I have to select my 7 bloggers to pass this onto and I’ll be posting that next time!

We are going out to dinner tonight, celebrating with some friends this Valentine’s day – I’m looking forward to it.  I hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend!

Farewell 2008


I’m going to end 2008 with some FO’s…..

noro-striped-doneNoro Striped Scarf...addicting…..what more can I say?


Turn a Square for Bob……sorry for the blur……2008 is ending quicker than I thought!

A soon to be 2008 FO – just a few more decreases to go…


Turn a Square for Dan – Dream in Color Classy – Dream of finishing today!

And because 2008 would go out with a whimper without one last trip to a yarn shop….


New Namaste Newport bag in Olive, Malabrigo in Stonechat and 4 skeins Silk Garden for another Noro Striped Scarf.  Yesterday I took a friend and her daughter to Down Cellar and Angelfire Studios (Hi Jacqui!! – Justine told me I missed you by minutes!)  We had a lovely time – Justine’s new baby is just beautiful and it was so nice to go on a little yarn crawl with  a knitting friend – I’ve missed that.  I don’t know what came over me with the bag – I saw it – had to have it – because I don’t have any knitting bags, don’tyaknow?  Anyway, it was a lovely day and I’m happy to have had it………a nice close to the Year of Knitting in 2008.  I’m looking forward to 2009 and finishing some WIP’s that have had to take a time out – not for lack of wanting to work on them…but I’ve had to keep the knits quite simple lately and cut down on time spent knitting.  I’m not happy about it, but I really don’t have a choice right now.  Thank you for all your well wishes with the arm – they  do wonders cheering me up and I’m hoping to be good as new quite soon.

Thank you for sticking around and reading – I know it’s been quiet the last few weeks, but I’ve far from given up knitting and I’ll be kicking around here in 2009 – Happiest of New Years to you all!!