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New Video O-Cee plus…The Winners Are…


Roseanne, Carol McNab and Joanne Smith!  Thanks everyone for participating!  I’ve emailed the winners and I’ll be mailing their Tangled Art out as soon as I hear back from them.  This was a lot of fun, I definitely should have more give-aways 🙂

I’ve put another video together, this one is demonstrating my tangle pattern O-Cee.  Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

I’d love it if you would subscribe to my channel and give a thumbs up – comments are always appreciated as well.  I’m trying to establish my channel in advance of my CZT seminar in June – I’d love to be able to point students to the channel to help them out after classes.

I hope your Holidays were Merry and the New Year brings you much Health, Happiness and Creativity.  My house was hit with the silly flu/thingermabob that was going around, be we still managed to enjoy ourselves.  I’m busy planning, tangling, doodling and knitting.  Work starts back up on Monday for me.  I’m hoping to keep up with my Tangle-a-Day Calendar as well – my plan is to take one tangle a day alphabetically from….but plans always change and evolve so who knows where that’s going to take me.  What are your plans?

Ten Years!!!


Upon checking my archives today, I realized that I’ve had this blog for Ten years!  That’s amazing!  I simply can’t believe it.  In appreciation for the support, I’m having a little Give-away.  My way of saying thank you to the readers who’ve stuck by me, who humor me, who might scroll through when they don’t find too much of interest – thanks.  You’ve been wonderful to me over these Ten years.

So,  for putting up with me for TEN!  YEARS!  I’ll be choosing 3 winners via random number generator. Leave a comment and I’ll put your name in the hat.  Share it on your blog, Facebook, etc and let me know and I’ll throw your name in again.  The winners will get their choice of an 8 x 10 print from my Tangled Art  – you can view them on Redbubble.  The Give-away will run from now until this blogs Anniversary date – January 1, 2015.  I’ll announce the winners January 2nd.  Thanks so much – I know I can switch gears with my obsessions, but I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas 2014 web

Tuesday’s Tangled Sheep


There are some talented Sheep around here…..this Ewe can Spin!!!

Tangled Spinning Ewe web only

Tangled Spinning Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

It is so nice to be able to incorporate my favorite things to do into these Tangles.  I would love to be able to somehow have a sheep weaving, too.  I do have a  preliminary sketch of a “zen” sheep meditating….and another of a Mama Ewe watching over her sleeping lamb.

I’m fortunate to have the time to give to this project and I’m going to try to use every moment wisely.  These summers off fly by so fast.

I’ve gotten a lot of new followers and likes but no comments…..please don’t forget I’m having a contest and I think I’d be really embarrassed if I didn’t have any participants.  Go.  Comment…..Please?

Share Ewe and Me and a Contest


Tangled Ewe and Me…the name of the third piece in my series of Tangled Sheep….

Tangled Ewe and Me 001


Available on Redbubble – prints, cards, totes, shirts and ONESIES for baby!

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I love creating these little sheep – I have so many ideas and I think I’d better write them down to keep track.  I guess you can tell I’m really excited about this series – for one thing, it’s mine.  Something that creatively came from me.  When DH suggested it, I had thought about it, but as with many things I “think” about doing, I don’t often get them from the thinking stage to the actual doing stage.  I don’t know why – maybe it’s lack of confidence?  Once he talked about it, I thought I could probably do this and even if it turned out badly?  At least I tried and I might have something to show for it.  Not that I’m overly confident these are as cute as I think….but I do like them, and wouldn’t mind hanging them on my own studio wall, so I don’t have anything to lose.  But the fact that I have ideas!  I always think when I see something cute, or whimsical – gosh I wish I thought of that.  I ‘m sure we all have those moments.   I’m having fun making these and I actually did just finish a fourth one…..saving that to post tomorrow.

Trying to find your creative niche is something I’ve gone through quite a few times.  Of course the dream is to do what you love, love what you do….and maybe be able to make a little financially.  I’ve never been particularly good at advertising, selling, promoting etc.  But the more I see people do that, the more I realize that I have to at least TRY.  So I’m asking for your help – if you could share my blog, my redbubble, my anything, just put it out there if you like it.  Please share it.  Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it,  I won’t mind at all, and I’d appreciate it so much.  I know amazing things can happen with word of mouth…or word of blog.  Let me know in a comment that you’ve shared my blog/redbubble and where and I’ll put your name into the hat for a handmade Sheepy Card.  Tell me you mentioned the contest in your link and I’ll put two into the hat for you.   I’ll pick a name out of the random generator hat Sunday, July 6th.  Thank you!

Contest to Win a Hat For Blythe


I’m having a contest/give-away this week. Tell me your favorite item in my shop for one entry, link to my shop via your blog, facebook, twitter etc for a double entry to win one of my Handmade Hats for Blythe. You can let me know via comment on this blog.  Thanks! I will pick a winner next Saturday!

20130517_085134 20130517_085208 20130517_085256 20130517_085349

Shop Update


I’ve made some different Stitchmarker sets……………

With a little something extra.  Now my sets will include a 7th marker with a Lobster Claw Clasp – perfect for marking that “right” side when you’re knitting garter stitch, or for marking your last decrease row – just attach the clasp right on to your knitting.  I’ve had a few requests for something like this and I figured it was about time to do something about it!!!  The sets are up in the etsy shop – and the best part is?   Same price as my 6 marker sets. 

A few more days left to submit your suggestion for the Contest – I love all the suggestions so far and I think I might have added quite a few patterns to my Ravelry Queue – thanks and keep them coming!

Stormy Sunday and a Contest!


One Tofutsies sock.  Yes, I said one.  And because I was bored out of my mind, had a haul of sock yarn crying out to me – I cast on for these…

For the overcast morning we have here – this is unbelievably bright – it’s a bit more muted, deeper red – but then again, reds are hard to photograph acurately.  That is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn.  It is just amazing, soft but sproingy and very niced to work with.  I chose the Hedgerow Sock Pattern, which calls for a semi – solid, but I think this works fine for me.  I do love the texture in knitting.

We all headed into LI yesterday for a family BBQ at my MIL’s house.  It was great to see everyone – and my SIL from Japan brought me a few goodies……

It’s a nice fingering weight yarn that I think will look lovely worked up as something Lace………suggestions?  And Some Japanese cable needles – I’m looking forward to trying those!  My youngest SIL is doing great with her knitting – I can’t believe how much she’s done in such a short time and it was great to sit and talk and knit together.  We don’t get to do that as often as I’d like.  She also mentioned a very cool sock pattern using left over sock yarn of different colors that creates a spiraled effect – I’ll have to search that out on Ravelry because it sounds like fun. 

We were woken up abruptly this morning at 3am for a nasty little thunderstorm – and from the weather reports there is more in store for us later today.  I don’t mind – I do love to watch the lightning flicker across the sky, if only I hadn’t been up for three nights in a row at 3 am, I would have enjoyed it more.  As it was, we were home at almost midnight and I was sorely lacking in sleep.  I think a little knitting and perhaps a nap might be in store for me today – we are just relaxing at home. 

I know I mentioned I wanted to have a contest for my Birthday so here you go –  – send me a suggestion by Thursday, July 31st, for a lace stole or shawl pattern (I think I have a little over 1300 yards of this)  for the japanese yarn up there, and I’ll enter you to win a little assortment of knitting goodies – spread the word and ready, set, go!!!