At Last!


Rhode Island will always be so special to me now….certificate

So much.  So many much.  Honestly – there isn’t a big enough word to describe the enormity of how this experience has impacted me.  Amazing, Wonderful, Exciting, Awesome, Extraordinary….they just don’t seem to do the job.


My body of work from the seminar – I just cannot believe all that we experienced.  You really have no idea until you decide to attend this and get there.   You don’t read too much about it on the interwebs and maybe that helps make it more exciting when you get there.  I will tell you this – I do not think you can possibly find a  person who didn’t think this was one of the best things they ever did for themselves.

So much to absorb and I cannot wait to share this method with students.  It’s something remarkable to know that you’re standing on the edge of something so wonderful that you might just get to share with other people.

I’m a Certified Zentangle Teacher!

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  1. Congratulations Chris, what a fabulous gift you have given yourself. I’ve learned so much from you already and excited to learn even more new stuff now. I can only imagine how exhilarating and exciting this had to be for you, Christianne Gertsner CZT!!!

  2. Congratulations, Chris! You’re right… really cannot have any idea of what it’ll be like. It’s so worth attending Seminar, even if one decides not to teach. Do it for yourself and you’ll be enriched beyond what you expect.
    Roseanne – CZT 17

  3. Hi Chris, it was lovely to meet you at CZT 20 and totally agree what an amazing time we all had. Something all CZT20’s will all be part of in our memories of the seminar. We also seem to have so much in common although from different sides of the “pond”. 😀

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