Still At it


Still working on the final organizational touches to the studio – the antique dresser that storee my fabric is out……another Ikea table is in and fabric storage needs to be figured out….photo when that’s done.

I was accepted into the Juried craft show in December – I’m thrilled and excited and a bit nervous.  Now, it’s preparing for it….and making!


Basket O’ Ornaments to be done for the show….

And just a little blurb for our wonderful group on Facebook – For the Love of Doodling.  Come on by and join us – we have over 700 members who love to share their love of doodling, zentangle, zia – I promise you will be inspired!!!  We have been lucky so far in keeping the spammers at bay, we post inspiring videos and tutorials – we actually have two members – Tiffany Lovering and Heidi Denney that you might be familiar with –  both have wonderful youtube channels, so check them out – you won’t be sorry.  Hope to see you over in For The Love of Doodling!!!


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