When I don’t draw on Paper


I’ll pretty much draw on anything.  One of the first things I doodled on besides paper was wood.  And these are destined to become some new Drop Spindles for the Sheep and Wool show in September.  My DH does the woodturning.

drop spindle whorls

I’ve also taken to doodling on wood boxes, french ivory…..canvas bags…..I’m thinking no blank surface is safe.  What do you doodle on?

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  1. I absolutely love these, and am curious to know what pens you used and if you sealed the wood before and after ? I have done something on wood myself, but sometimes the pens bleed into the grain.
    Thanks for any replies.

    • I think it’s just trial and error with pens and what works best on wood. Try whatever pen you’re going to use in a spot that you won’t notice later. We do protect the wood after.

      • I’m sorry – we’ve gone through our own process of experimenting on what works best for our particular products and since we sell these, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say we’d like to keep that to ourselves. You can certainly find a lot of information on sealing woodwork on the internet though. Thanks.

  2. when I was a kid, I had a really bad habit of doodling on my pants. I don’t think one pair made it through without getting a heart or flower or smiley face inked on it somewhere

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