River Eagle


We were close to Glacier National Park and the road followed a river on the way into the Going to the Sun Road – my husband noticed an Eagle flying along the river – I wish I could have been fast enough to get a photo of it, but it turned out we saw a few Eagles on our trip and most of them were flying along the rivers.  I’m trying to cormemmorate our trip in my drawings and this is the latest….

River Eagle web

River Eagle available on Redbubble

Another fun template to work on from Ben Kwok.  I really enjoyed this, and I can’t recommend his templates enough, in case you haven’t noticed.

I’m preparing some of my work for a show we are doing in September – I’m so new to selling my work, and I would really appreciate any tips you have for packaging, mounting etc.  Some I plan to frame and other’s I have archival plastic sleeves to put them in, but they need something to beef them up so the work doesn’t bend.  Help?

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  1. Beautiful patterns; Glacier is one of the Nat’l Parks I haven’t yet visited, but the promise of eagles moves it up on the “urgency” list.

    I hope your show goes smoothly. I have no experience with that, but I can imagine telling myself “don’t focus on number of sales; use the experience to a.) congratulate yourself on your beautiful artwork and significant achievement b.) glean insight from how other sellers display works and interact with customers c.) enjoy your conversations with those who stop to admire your work.

    • Thank you Sammy. I’ve done a few shows with our fiber stuff, so I don’t focus on number of sales. I just really would like to protect my work from getting damaged 🙂

      • I’ve been focused on your tangles; will have to spend some time exploring your fiber art – another art form I love but don’t practice myself!

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