Tangled Sea Turtle 2


A little while ago I Tangled a Ben Kwok Template of a Sea Turtle for my Aunt.  It was a special gift in honor of my Uncle, who passed away last December.  He was very devoted to Sea Turtle Conservation and I felt that I needed to make that for her.  I’ve been asked a few times if I had any more as I sent her the original – I didn’t even scan it into my computer, I just took a photo of it.  I didn’t want that one to be duplicated as it was just for her.

This weekend I sat and tangled another template.  I oriented the turtle a bit differently because I had hoped that I wouldn’t need to put a background for it.  I’m pleased with it.

Tangled Sea Turtle 2 001

Tangled Sea Turtle 2.  Copyright 2014 Christianne Gerstner.

I added it to my Redbubble account and within minutes it was featured in one of the groups I belong to, along with my Tangled Little Bird 2.  I’m thrilled and so excited.  And another Aunt of mine has already purchased a T-shirt and Print.  I can’t tell you how much it means to have something I made be appreciated like that.  It’s amazing!

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  1. Where is the “love button”, like doesn’t seem to be enough. This is gorgeous!!!! I have only been tangling a few months and this is so inspiring.

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