Daily Archives: June 14, 2014

Tangled Little Bird, Part Two


I’ve never had requests for the same drawing before, but this Little Bird has really become popular, thanks in part to Ben Kwoks wonderful template.

Little Tangled Bird 2 61414

I’ve never made the same thing twice (and I’ll probably be making this one at least a few more times) so I thought it was going to be challenging to try to change it up.  I didn’t want to duplicate the first Little Bird, after all.  But it’s very easy to “branch out” so to speak, and I think this little guy has just enough different going for it.  I’ve used my tangle, Archer as a focus, as it’s the perfect shape for feathers.  This Little Guy is going to live with another friend from work  – all that’s left is the framing.  I’m thrilled that people are asking me to make something for them!