Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

Fleur-de-lis and an App Update


My third Ben Kwok Template – these are so much fun and really challenging.

Fleur de lis 001

I don’t mean they’re hard to do, but it is challenging for me to put tangles together that I think compliment each other.  Of course, you could just randomly choose patterns and have just as much fun.

As far as the app that put my pattern Archer on it without me knowing – I’ve had several back and forths with the designer.  Seems she thinks there are so many “duplicate” patterns out there, that should couldn’t give credit to any one person.  And she feels that you can’t copyright a pattern.  She also feels that she has put steps outs that are not copies of what’s out there already.   I strongly disagree with what she is doing, and how she is going about it.  But age has taught me one thing – you can’t keep banging your head against the wall, hoping someone will do things the way you would do them.  Are Tangle Patterns copyright-able?  Are the steps I specifically laid out to construct Archer protected under copyright?  I think there is much discussion about this. Patterns and “doodling” have been around for eons.    What it boils down to for me is this – Just because you can legally get away with something doesn’t mean it’s the RIGHT thing to do.  If you claim that you admire and respect art and artists, doing a little light research, relying on your “friends” to help you out and let you know if something is out there already (but really, not paying any attention as to how it’s out there, who put it out there etc) and then just doing what best benefits you – that’s not respect.  That is certainly not consideration.  It is taking an opportunity to put some money in your pocket, ignoring the people that are unknowingly helping you do that, without acknowledging them and hiding behind the excuses of “patterns aren’t copyright-able” and “I wouldn’t know who to give credit to, there are so many duplicate patterns”.   Would it have taken time to contact people, to type extra characters under the names that she used for the tangles, as Linda Farmer does when she puts out her tangle guide EACH YEAR (and she uses the same names the people who made the steps outs named them) yes – it would have.  But it would have fostered a conversation between her and the artists she is basically exploiting for her own gain. It would have showed that at least she acknowledges the people who are making it possible for her to even put OUT an app and sell it.   It would have made that relationship something to be applauded instead of something I view as opportunist.  I don’t know this person.  I don’t want to unduly affect their life, or their income or their peace of mind.  It’s a shame she didn’t exhibit the same thought process when she decided to “share” her information for $2.99 with additional in app purchases for $1.99.  I could contact itunes and google play and make a big to do, but I frankly feels she’s taken up too much of MY valuable time.