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Little Tangled Bird


Little Tangled Bird 53114 001

Finished my second Ben Kwok Template – I love working with these and Ben is so talented and generous to provide these for us to use free of charge.   This is 9 x12, Sakura Mircron 01 Black Pen, pencil shading.  I’m happy with how he turned out.

Now for a dilemma – or really just a venting.  I have a few of my own zentangle patterns out there as I’ve stated before.  I’m happy to share them, I’m happy when people use them.  If they sell their OWN work that has my pattern incorporated in it, wonderful. But do not put my work in a Pattern Reference and Sell it without my consent or knowledge!    I recently purchased an App for my ipad and was surprised to find my Tangle Pattern Archer included in the “library”.  That pattern is published at Tanglepatterns.com, where I submitted it, therefore giving my express permission to use it and where I am given full credit for it – ON THAT SITE.  When Linda Farmer included my pattern in her yearly compilation, I had knowledge of it and was well aware of what was going on. Archer appears in the 2012 guide with MY NAME.    This is not the same as someone linking to your pattern and sharing it – for FREE – I’m fine with that.  What I object to is someone using my pattern and trying to make money off of it, without my knowledge.  At no point was I contacted to discuss my pattern being included in someone else’s reference library that they were SELLING.  No where in the app is credit given to me.  I’ve contacted the developer and have not heard back.  I’m a little upset.  I don’t want any money.  I DO want consideration.  I don’t think anyone would publish a Zentangle book without first contacting people to gain their permission to use their work and also give them credit on their work.  I find it very unsettling that people just go ahead and glom things off the interent and SELL them.  I would have gladly given permission if the pattern to be included was credited to me.  I think if you are going to make a compilation of people’s work, even if it’s a reference work, you need to acknowledge the people who actually DID the work.  Like I said – I’ve contacted the developer through itunes and on Facebook and have yet to get a reply.  I hope she doesn’t compound the situation by not replying to me.  The only credit I see in her app is the Zentangle/Rick and Maria blurb  – so it looks like she knew enough not to infringe on their rights.

Discuss….I’d like to hear your views on this.  Thanks.