Tangled Art


I’ve been drawing again – I love to draw, but there just isn’t enough time to do all the things I love to do.  My constants seem to be knitting and Tangling.

Tangled Art Bunzo 52714 001

I may shade this – right now I’m waiting for my zenstones to arrive from Zentangle.com.  I think I like it fine the way it is, but we’ll see.  Sometimes I just have to look at something for a little while to decide which way to go.

Tangle Art 52114

I’m loving this Toned Tan paper – a little something different to work on besides white.

sea turtle 51814

This is one of Ben Kwok’s templates.  If you’ve never seen or heard of him, he’s incredibly talented and has made these templates available to anyone in the Ornation Creation Group over on Facebook.  This Sea Turtle is very special to me.  I saw Ben’s template after my Uncle Rocky passed away last December.  He was very involved in Sea Turtle Preservation and I felt instantly that I had to do something with this for my Aunt in honor of him.  I’ve since framed it and it is ready to ship to her.  I’m kind of nervous about it, but I think she’ll like it.

Someday, I would really love to take the Zentangle certification course to become a CZT and teach, but right now the high price of that is sort of out of the question for me – I think it’s something like $170o for the 4 day course –   I would love it if they offered a scholarship for it – or if I could win the lottery – I’d be putting my name on the list for that course very fast!  In the meantime – I’m happy to share in an informal way – recently my cousin (my uncles daughter, in fact) became interested in trying “tangling” and I pointed her in the direction of Zentangle.com and Tanglepatterns.com, along with suggestions on the many books out there that offer more information.     I think I probably have most every Zentangle book out there right now and I’m always referring back to my “library”.  After my cousin started tangling,  my Aunt saw what she was doing and wanted to know more soooo….it’s fun to pass along something I find so enjoyable and I hope they get as much enjoyment from it as I do.   It’s funny, it seems like yesterday my Blog friend Opal introduced me to this and when I look back on my sketch books it’s already been three years!  I’ve complied quite the  collection of patterns over on Pinterest – which really comes in handy as I can use the Pinterest app on my phone and have a virtual library of patterns at my fingertips!  There are so many patterns now, sometimes I find myself struggling over what to use.  I’m happy to say that I have four patterns of my own out there now, as well.  Archer was the first I created and I’m tickled it is over at Tanglepatterns.com.  Since then I’ve created Petal Panes, Cairn and Petal Pusher, and Pew-Pew which I’ve published on my own.  While I would love for them to be over at Tanglepatterns.com, I’m happy to share them myself.   After Petal Panes was not accepted for inclusion at Tanglepatterns, I realized there were other ways to share my patterns – Flickr.com has a freehand doodle pattern group and I’m happy to have my patterns over there and on pinterest.  As long as I can share them somehow, that’s what matters.  I love the fact that anyone can do this, anywhere, any amount of ability.  You just have to give it a try and see where it takes you!


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