Like I Need Another Hobby


I love to learn stuff.  I think that’s what makes me jump in with both feet when I find something I’m interested in….

Meet Poppy


After watching Kim’s adventures with her Blythe Dolls, I was intrigued….and I thought they were cute dolls.  I started researching….then shopping around….and became the owner of a few dolls.  This was my “bargin” find.  Her previous owner no doubt loved her and took great care – but her customization was not my style at all.  I didn’t like the starburst pattern around her eye, the moon and I knew I could make her into something I wanted, so I bought her.

There is so much out there on Blythe Dolls – how they went out and back in and have basically become this amazing world of collectibles.  You can do so much customization and really come up with a one of a kind doll.  I thought I’d start simple, and just sand the existing paint off her face.

You know where this is going, right?

There really was no easy way to sand this stuff off – it was, I don’t know.  Super paint.  It didn’t want to leave.  Eventually, I had to take her apart – that silver stuff in the corner of her eye was all over her eyelids – and there no easy way of getting to them without opening her head and taking her mechanism out…

poppy faceup

Once I got over the initial holycrapness of opening up a dolls head, taking her eyes OUT and wondering if I could get it all back together again, the rest was not so bad.  Well, the peeling the paint off with my fingernail took awhile, but it was the only way this stuff was coming off.    I even decided to customize her eye mechanism and give her “sleep eyes”.

poppy after

I love how she turned out.  A smattering of freckles on her blushed cheeks.  I’m waiting for two sets of eye chips – the orange and bright green had to go.  And she’s had her hair cut, as well.  All in all I”m thrilled with her new look.

You know one thing leads to another, right?

There’s clothes.  And a Cozy Cabin with a loft….And accessories….and knitting and sewing and making jewelry for them, too.  And there are three other Dolls waiting for their possible make overs….and one on the way that I might just leave alone.  I do have a “clone” that I”m going to customize and probably sell.  We’ll see – you sort of get attached to them.   The Cozy Cabin my DH built….just painted the walls and stained the floors in it today.  So much to do in this one “little” hobby….


Knit Dress can be found HERE



I’ve been wanting to open a second Etsy shop for quite awhile – someplace where I could make things that were sort of related to the Scottsmountain shop, but I didn’t want to muddy up that shop with my other tangents and whimsies.  And I wanted another shop to be able to go through any transitions that came my way so now This Little Bird Told Me is where I’ll be sharing the overflow from this entirely new word of Blythe.  Handknit Sweaters and Dresses soon to be listed handsewn dresses, Bejewelry for Blythe.   Dolls may not be for everyone…but if you know that doll person out there, won’t you share this and point them in my direction?  I’d love to have them visit!


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