Well, is this a Blog or Not?


Or does life just get in the way sometimes?  So much has happened since February, I don’t know whether to catch up, start from here or what.  Looking back, I can’t even tell you all that’s gone on, so let’s just go with more recent history……

I’ve started spinning again…..

My little Mini me came home with me one day in March from All About Ewe in Clark, NJ – a Schacht Sidekick.  I hadn’t any intention of buying a new wheel, but well, you know what happens when you sit down and spin on something that you don’t already own and become mesmerized by it.  Yeah.  Not to worry – the Ashford Traditional found a new home at All About Ewe and I sold my little Hitchhiker and a few spinning accessories for the Traditional that I never used – Ravelry is a wonder for selling stuff!  This is my Travel wheel and it’s already made the cut on our trip to Maryland  Sheep and Wool – it spins like a dream and I’ve produced more fiber in the last few months than I have in years.  If you are in the Clark, NJ area, stop in and say hey to Lisa and Jesh!  Great Shop, great atmosphere and you can even find some of our swifts and pins there!

Also, I’ve been weaving again….

Sock yarn warp, handspun weft – it’s awesome using your own handspun in your weaving.  This was the first project on my Norwood workshop loom in about ten years – the selvages are a wonky mess and I love it.  DH gave me a Schacht Cricket for Mother’s day, bought at MDS&W, and that will be coming camping with us this summer as well – love these compact little things.  I’ve made quite a few scarves on it….

Handspun warp and weft.  Fun!

But I’m most proud of this on the floor loom…..

Claudia Handpainted Silk in Huck Lace.  This is my very favorite.  Not only did I have to correct threading and sleying errors, I actually fixed them and ended up with something that I didn’t think I could do in my past weaving life.  I’m glad I’m older and can appreciate things differently now.

Not to worry  – I’ve still been knitting…..

I’ve since finished this first Color Affection and started a second.  This garter knitting is just the ticket right now for my nerves.  Our youngest has just shipped out for the military and this has turned out to be more difficult for us than we thought.  I’m guessing the weaving, spinning, knitting will all serve to calm my anxieties in the near future!

Looking forward to this summer…..

You might see me in your travels…..stop by and say hello!


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  1. Yay for being back! I hope all is well with you. It’s been a crazy year hasn’t it? I love that you’ve started spinning and your weaving projects are lovely. 🙂 Sending hugs!

  2. Im a brand new weaver and LOVE your scarfs…especially the pink…do you ever sell your hand dyed yarn..if so how do I order…luv your site..PS hope all is well with your service children

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