Now that was a long time between blog posts.   I guess when you don’t feel like blogging, you don’t blog.  We went from one crazy time of year to the next crazy time of year – gearing up for the holidays.  This post is just coming off a very bad Winter Storm that left us without power for 7 days.  It was much worse the Hurricane Irene which also left us without power for most of a week – but that was different – it was still nice outside – we used our camper for cooking and showers and general hanging about.  This one was brutal – over a foot of snow before Halloween – I’ve never seen that before.

The damage was unreal – we’re quite lucky all the trees that came down didn’t land on the house – the trees broke at the bases where the branches fork out  because of the weight of the snow on all the unfallen leaves – it was probably the scariest storm I think I’ve been through and being without power for a large part of it made it more so.  There are still about 10k people in NJ without power – I consider us lucky to be restored yesterday – thankfully, after Irene we bought a generator.  I hope this isn’t a sign of how our Winter is going to go!


There has been lots of knitting in between posts….

There was Sedona….

I’m not to sure I’m happy with this – it was a nice knit – but the collar is just too floppy wide – I think I might sit with a crochet hook later today to see if I can do something about that – I’d love to wear it!

Another Shale Baby Blanket for a Co-worker – this really is such a nice pattern and a quick knit that makes a beautiful gift.


Whipporwill Shawl made with Kauni yarn – I saw this in a shop in Vermont and my only regret is that I didn’t make the larger size – love the color changes!

Little Shells Shawl for a friends daughters wedding – this was a quick knit – thankfully since the wedding is next weekend!

That’s enough photo montage for now – I’m working on another shawl and debating a long sweater cardigan…..mmmmmm

We spent the summer Camping on and off, getting the most we could from the new camper – it was an adventure to learn all about how to use a generator to keep that camper battery charged.  But the camper is so nice – just park it and you’re set up.  Our last camping trip was Rhinebeck – we had a great time, camped next to a party of knitters and it was beautiful fall weather.  We took the pups with us on all these trips and they did so well – they really like camping – now if we could just figure out what exactly it is that sometimes makes them get sick in the car, that would be a bonus.  Poor things.

On our vacation in New England – I picked up a Mandolin at a pawn shop/antique dealer.  I’ve always wanted to learn and it seemed like it was meant to be.  Our next trip was to the Finger Lakes Region of New York and I ended up trading that in for a Beautiful new Eastman Mandolin.  I’ve been taking lessons since august and having a blast.  My DH also decided to finally buy that Banjo he’s wanted for awhile and we’re both just having fun learning.

Work started in September and there is a lot of change to get used to but things seem to be moving along.  November is one of my favorite months for school – we have a lot of down time because of scheduling so I’m hoping to use some of that to get a jump start on the holidays – ha!  We’ll see if that happens after being in limbo for a week – it seems like it takes longer to catch up after things like that.

I’ve thought of setting up a new blog….but really, this one is here, it’s mine and I’ll post when I post.  There really shouldn’t be rules I impose on myself for something I’m supposed to enjoy doing!

With that I’ll leave you with my view from where I work….

All these photos with the exception of the mandolin – taken with iphone 4s camera – it’s amazing!


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  1. Missed ya’, Missy! Glad to see you’re well – that storm was something, huh? We lucked out, and didn’t have much snow or any power loss, but there are people up here STILL without power. I can’t imagine. Love all the knits, too!

  2. That is a lot of snow! You’ve been productive over the summer. I have a fiddle and am trying to learn. If you get out here we could pretend that we’re a bluegrass band.

    That last photo leaves me astounded. You live in a gorgeous place.

  3. We were with out power too for 36 hours…didn’t get as much snow as you, but the whole situation was bad. Does make you nervous with the winter only in the beginning stages.

    Love all your knits, especially the baby blanket…very nice! Glad to see you back 🙂

  4. How exciting that you’ve got a mandolin!!

    Here is a YouTube of a fantastic classical mandolinist, Avi Avital — who I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing in person.

    You will see there are more of Avi, if you’d like to see/hear more via YouTube.

  5. Oh, I didn’t realize that the video would show up in my Comment!! I thought just the URL would be available.

    I showed Avi the old mandolin that my mom had (she didn’t play and I have no idea who did or where Mom got it!) and as I thought, Avi said it really wasn’t a very good one but to enjoy looking at it.

    Are you sorry you no longer have the one you found in the antique store?? I would be. LOL

  6. What a scary sounding storm. Hope it’s a fluke and the rest of winter is more gentle. You’ve been a busy knitter. The Kauni color changes are really cool.

  7. The photos of your work are great! Your knitting is beautiful….that is one skill that I don’t think I will ever ‘get’, but that makes me appreciate your work all the more! Love the view from ‘work’….i hope that makes being there every day a little easier~ Glad that you survived the power outage with your sense of humor intact! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Aloha, Andrea

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