Monthly Archives: May 2011

That Crazy Time of Year


It’s that crazy time of year….the winding up of the school year and all the stuff that goes along with it.  Just a few more weeks and our Summer break will be here.  I’ve been busy….Work, House, Zumba….I’m trying to exercise at least 6 days a week, if not 7.  That takes a LOT of time.  It would be nice if the weight would start to come off again, but I’m just concentrating on moving more and hopefully that will follow.

I’ve managed to get a few tangles in, here and there….

And I had a few bookmarks to make as gifts….

And of course I’m still toying with the idea of getting my knitting mojo back on track……


Catching up the week


I usually can do a tangle a day….

It was a beautiful weekend – so no tangling to show for it, being outside a good part of it.  Yesterday was new bike day for me…..DH was going to repair, fix, my old bike….but the bike is over 20 years old, so a lot was going to have to be repaired.  I haven’t ridden in a while so….Happy MOther’s day from DH!  I need to up my activity as I really want to get the last pounds OFF!    Yesterday afternoon was a birthday party for a friend and today was a beautiful, 14 miles ride down a really pretty bike path. 

I’m tired and sore but in a good way.  Next weekend, if the weather is just as nice….more biking and golf!

Have a great week!