Weekly Challenge 16 – Mooka


I’m just back from a week in Florida for my Mom’s Heart Bypass Surgery.  It was very hard to leave, but I’m getting live updates from my family and she is doing better each day.  Still waiting to hear confirmation of a possible small stroke – it’s looking like not, but they are being very cautious. 

I had a lot of wait time this week – waiting during surgery, waiting to see her etc, so I tried to keep my hands busy….

From the Heart – I did this during the long wait while she was having her surgery – I did bring my knitting, but this takes more concentration for me, and therefore, more distraction from the thoughts you have when someone you love is in surgery…..

Goddess – this I made as a gift and it was the first time I used the new tangle, Mooka.

Playing with Mooka – as you can probably guess, it’s a very addicting tangle to use, and really does fit a lot of different empty spaces well. 

Just a quick update, hopefully things will settle down as Mom continues on her recuperation!


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  1. All of these are beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. What part of Florida were you in? I work for a group of Cardiac Surgeons in the Tampa area.

  2. i adore the goddess! i have several goddess rings.

    i’m so glad your back even though i know it must have been terribly hard to leave your mother’s side. here’s hoping she bounces back in no time. *hugs*

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