Weekly Challenge 15, Love Your Curves, Baby!


A little nervous, but excited…..I’m participating in my first Weekly Challenge 15 – Love Your Curves, Baby,  over at the Diva’s blog….

This week it’s all about Curves!

So now this is a Knitting, Jewelry, Photography and Tangling Blog!

Most surprising is that I’ve had my first commissioned work….

I was extremely nervous, as the only requirements I was given were the name and to include a Peace Sign.  I was very relieved that the person was really happy with it.  Whew!

And I actually did some knitting today.   Still working on the Weekend Shawl – I wish real weekends seemed as long as this shawl was taking me!


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  1. wow, this is very cool…..I really like the rope looking one and the funny little pod eyes!!! glad you joined the challenge…looking forward to seeing more of your work. Congrats on the commission…..it looks lovely.

  2. your curves look much nicer then mine. in fact, they’re lovely! 😀

    i tried to go without any “formal” patterns. talk about *splat*! LOL

  3. Congratulations on the commission! Your work really IS lovely. Is it relaxing to just draw “whatever”? Somehow, it looks like it would be.

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