Wish Spring Would Get Here Already!


We had snow again last week.  It’s supposed to be spring.  Ha!

In honor of what is supposed to be spring already, please check out the Shawl Pin sale going on right now at the shop…..

Now is the time to get one….they’re just $19.99!  As always, you can find our Yarn Swifts, Nostepinnes, Whorls and more at excellent prices, both at etsy and Our Web Page.

I’ve been a bit distracted from my knitting the last week or so……Thanks to Opal, I have a new old obession…..

Zentangle Inspired Art…….I’m having so much fun with this.   There are a ton of resources out there on the internets, amazing blogs, Flickr groups – a whole world I didn’t know what out there before last week for Zentangles and ZIA – Thanks Opal! 

Well, it is sunny but cold today.  Taxes are done, errands have been run, so now it’s time to suit up with some handknits and get the dogs out for a walk – you never know what the weather is apparently going to bring!

Might as well enjoy it when we can!


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