And the Wind Keeps on Blowing


Let me just start with how long I’ve been worried that this tree was going to come down in a storm. 

Long time.

It was extremely windy yesterday and last night, howling winds, the kind that knock the wind out of you when they hit you in the face.

Last night, while we were out to dinner with some friends, the sucker, er, very nice considerate tree, finally blew it’s top.

The top of it is pretty HUGE…….

I think it’s at least almost half the length of the tree, probably a little less, since I tend to exaggerate when I’ve been preoccupied with said tree for as long as we’ve lived here…….I knew someday the tree was going to at least lose it’s top, and I was always very scared it would fall the other way towards this….

The back of our house.  I just turned to the right after taking the photo of the HUGENESS.  DH always assured me it would fall up hill, away from our house.  There is a scientific reason, or a physics equation that made him feel good about it, but I always thought Sh*t rolled downhill, so therefore I was always positive it was going to fall and hit our house. 

I’m quite relieved it did not.  And now, there is all sorts of happiness about the firewood and that the rest of the tree can be removed without any damage to said dwelling. 

I’m glad we were out of the house when it happened – we were having a fun dinner with friends. 

Yesterday was an entirely fun day – Jeanne came for lunch and knitting and dessert and tea – it was so nice!  And since I feel the beginnings of startitis….

Terra using Cascade 220.  I had originally cast on in some stash wool, but it was just too rustic.  Rough rustic.  Like I wouldn’t want it to touch my skin rustic – Jeanne agreed.  And while this color never thrilled me in a sweater sized project, I’m happy with it as a nice comfy shawl.  It’s a nice knit and I like how the garter stitch alternates in there.  The addition of the lace at the bottom really makes me look forward to finishing this shawl.   

I’ve been pretty one-project-at-a-time lately, and had earlier in the week cast on for Irish Coffee

Berroco Blackstone Tweed, in Plum Island.  Gorgeous, gorgeous color and the yarn is like so soft and nice to work with.  I think I might have to get more to just have.    The pattern is just above where I would start the cables.  I’m hoping to get by there sometime in the next few days.  I’m really happy with Thea’s patterns.  She designs in a style that I love, the details that I usually look for in clothing that I buy, and it is so nice to be able to make them for myself.  Last weekend I finished up Nutmeg Russian….aka White Russian

I swear, I feel like Busty McBust in that photo.  While I love the Silky Wool, it tends to “bloom” and it’s pretty stretchy.  I made the 36/38 and modified the sleeves to be narrower and never made the length even close to what it should have been – like I said, the yarn just grows.  I’m glad to be able to try on as I go and make sure it fits me – another great advantage to Thea’s patterns, as she really makes you feel like you’re in charge of your own knitting – which of course, you are.  While I’m not happy that the photo doesn’t show my over 30 pound weight loss, I am very happy with the sweater 😉  I think I might even make this again in the heavier yarn the pattern actually calls for.  It would knit up even faster, I’m sure.

Well, whew.  Now I’m going to try to restrain myself from casting on for another sweater, and maybe another shawl.  Try.  No promises.  But I can’t be held responsible for my mood if we get more of that snow that they are forecasting right now.  I keep thinking that the weather people are just too scared to tell us the truth anymore – they’d rather do the “sorry we didn’t see that coming” report, than the “hang onto your snowshovels, we’re getting dumped on” report.  Of course that groundhog predicted only six more weeks of winter – I halfway think there might have been a line of hunters, ready to take aim if he predicted otherwise.

So in honor of doing something nice,  the DH has decided to have a SALE on his Black Walnut swifts – they are awesome and so beautiful in that wood……Go check it out, they’ll be on sale for a limited time only.  Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on our Facebook page, too!

I’m going to get back to enjoying the long weekend – enjoy yours as well!


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  1. I’m so glad that tree didn’t hit your house! The wind here was horrible too…almost scary. Love the garter stitch shawl. I can never get too much garter stitch 😉 Looking forward to seeing it finished with the lace 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

  2. We have a tree like that at our “spare” house. I keep hoping it will hit the house though since it’s empty and we could finally be rid of it! Glad it “rolled up hill” for you. 😉

    I love the brown sweater, btw and am so glad you mentioned the busty-ness. Hey, if you’ve got it! ;D

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