It’s Still January


Is it just me, or does this month just seem sooooooo long….

Wintery Mountain Scene from the Backyard.

We are getting saaaa-lammmed with snow this year.  Mind you, we’re not nearly as covered as other parts of the country, or even other parts of the east coast, but dayum.  So much for the Farmers Almanac and Global Warming.

All that white stuff means there is plenty of this going on…..

Mr. Beardfasay, shoveling the snows.

We’ve had three snow days in the last 10 days.  We have four built into our school year.  We are supposed to get dumped on again this week….and something tells me we will use that one or, horrors yet another that we’ll have to make up at the end of the year.  And since this weather trend doesn’t seem to be changing…….we’re not even halfway through yet are we?  Snowmaggeddon is upon us!

Since we had two snow days this week, along with the MLK holiday, which I took for a sick day….bleech(a flare up of the Fibro, boooooo!)……I was able to finish this up, whilst sitting on the couch, watching the snow and generally not doing or feeling like doing much else….

Cranberry Capelet. She is finished.  She is ready to wear……and in the lineup for tomorrows work outfit.  I love how this turned out.  Details on my Ravelry page, but I used Cascade 22o Heathers, and this color is pretty accurate.  I ended up having a longer row gauge then the pattern so this is only 7 cable repeats and it worked out just fine.  Thea’s patterns are so well written, you can really understand them.  She is so accessible if you need help and really, you can modify something like a capelet to fit you.  As was pointed out to me, try it on!  Why not, it’s knit from the neck down, so really trying it on is the only true way to get the fit and length you want.

2011 must be the year of new electronics……

My last laptop was pretty much done.  It still booted up and took so long to get going I was maybe turning it on once every 3 or 4 days, and doing everything through my Ipad.  I wish I could say the Ipad could be the only device you need(and I love, love, Love it dearly), but I think you still need that “base” computer to be able to back up to, process photos on etc. take care of business so to speak.   Since Apple and Adobe still haven’t figured out how to really get along, there is that flash issue and then the Java issue.  So after mulling it for awhile – I was going to switch to Mac, but I couldn’t wrap my head around a few things – one – the price and two – I’d be running Windows in parrallel on the mac and so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t just stick with a PC.  I know PC’s.  I’ve had IBM, HP, Dell, and honestly, they’ve all pretty much been a let down.  I wanted something that was fast, reliable and had a lot of bang for the buck…..hence the Sony Vaio.  Super fast, super light, I’m really loving its “mac like” keyboard, built in SD card Reader (!!) and Windows 7 is something else.  Still learning all the new things I can do and damn if that Cloud is something I understand right now, but I’m having fun sorting it out.   So far I’m really impressed with Sony.   The only sticking point I would have is the sound – not that great, but not something that can’t be fixed with adding a laptop speaker.  And, the stinker went on sale less then 24 hours after I purchased it – one phone call later, and that money was credited to my card.  You can’t ask for any better……………well, it could maybe come with Microsoft Outlook, but Windows is pushing it’s own mail etc, etc.  I’m waiting on my refund from Microsoft – I purchased Office Home and Student, which USED to come with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OUtlook.  Now it comes with Word, bullshit, bullshit and bullshit.  Honestly – I want just three programs out of that suite.  So of course, I did not see my error till I was installing the newly downloaded ware.  I was told I could be issued a refund and I’m waiting on that email notification.  Be careful if you go out there and think the Mighty M has stuck to it’s same programming schedule – nope!

The cold and I do mean COLD – it’s OW degrees outside – has kept me close to the fireplace and knitting on this…..

That is the cowl of White Russian aka Nutmeg Russian.  I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, so this is going to be a little lighter weight then the yarn it calls for, but I like the drape of it right now.

Baby, it’s cold outside.  Staying inside, with a cup of Hot Cocoa, my knitting and a warm, snuggle pup…..

Stay Warm!

ETA:  I just want to say Thank you for all your comments – something went kaplowy with my setting in WordPress and I wasn’t getting emailed when they went through, hence, me not replying.  I think I’ve fixed it now……


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  1. I LOVE your cranberry capelet!! It looks quite a bit loner than the one on the rav page. I really like the longer version 🙂

    Hang tough with the snow…we’re in the same boat here….there is nowhere to put anymore 😦 Snow snow go away…

  2. The snow looks so lovely, I guess it would to someone who doesn’t have to live in it each day. The Cranberry Capelet is gorgeous, I love the pattern up the front.

  3. We’re out of weather days. : ( We’ve already had one holiday taken away and several tacked on to the end of the school year. /boo hiss/

    Absolutely *love* that capelet. I have a friend that’s about to cast on for one. Very pretty. : )

  4. That capelet is beautiful!

    I switched from PC to Mac several months ago and LOVE it. I actually haven’t had to use Parallel or Boot Camp at all, which was surprising. But it looks like you scored a great Vaio!

  5. It’s so odd you mention that about your ipad right now. I just bought one with some Christmas money we recieved and I’m still trying to really get into it. I really, really wanted one and now I’m just not getting into it? I told the hubby if it didn’t start to really excite me I was going to take it back for some fabric and yarn. 🙂

    So jealous over the snow though – we just got stationed in the south and it’s SO not snowing here, but where we just moved from got 18″!

    Gorgeous pic!

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