Cassis, she is done.


Cassis by Thea  Colman using Cascade 220.  Started November 6, Finished November 21!

So hard to get a good photo with a wiggly puppy….

I’ve just lightly steam blocked it after I wove in the last end today…..I’m wearing it and it’s just wonderful.  Thea has a great talent for pattern writing and I love the style of her designs.  I’m eyeing my next knit from her patterns already and I’ve still got Nantucket Red in my queue – I think I’ll have to get an updated copy of that pattern as I had a test knit copy, but……I should have enough yarn now.  This was an easy to follow, fast knit, yet it wasn’t boring at all.  And I love Cascade 220 – it’s probably my favorite go-to yarn.  Excuse my grandmothers arms – no matter how much weight I lose, I fear I’m still going to have upper arms like that.  Sigh.

I’m actually surprised I finished this up….last week did not allow for a lot of knitting time and it seemed like the longest week in a while.  But this week will be short and probably not too sweet – it’s always crazy at work before a holiday.  Tomorrow night we are hopefully signing for our DS2’s car which will take a little of the pressure off MOM’s TAXI service – but replace that with the anxiety of him being back on the road again…..I’m sure time will help with that, but I’m still going to worry.  Holiday prep and all that will make this week seem like there are not enough hours in the day.  I’m really looking forward to hopefully being able to relax a little bit sometime over the long weekend!  And the cooking – love doing that and I plan to enjoy it.

Ok, now to relax a little bit and try to decide….do I want to knit this? Or this?? or maybe even this? If your celebrating, enjoy your Thanksgiving – regardless,  have a great week!


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