Cassis, in Progress


Things are zipping right along with Cassis……

Excuse the cross-eyed picture taking look – although I did manage to strategically place the camera right over my remaining double-chin-ness – kudo’s for me.    I’m really liking this – the fit is wonderful.  I’m making the 36 and it really fits well across my back – the fronts will only be more overlapping as I get a little smaller up there.  Which is what this is meant to do, so I’m ok with how it’s looking right now.  I’m about eight inches down from the arm separation with about another 8 to go before the bottom ribbing.  Then the sleeves get a little something and viola!  I cannot wait to put this into my wardrobe rotation – the rotation is slim right now, but I’m good with that, too.  Don’t want to buy a lot of in between size clothes anyway!  I’m aiming for layering with lots of tee’s and sweaters over top to get me through the awkward stage…

And thank you all for such wonderful comments on my projects – both the knit and self-improvement kind.  I’m very encouraged and feeling much healthier.  Although the knits in the closet are looking like they may need to be donated, which is slightly bumming,  I look forward to making new knits to wear in smaller sizes.  I did block two sweaters yesterday – my Tappan Zee and my Redhook – I just love those sweaters and think they’ll be ok a little oversized.

This week was a bit tough – three migraines and the last one yesterday was a doozy.  It almost stopped me from riding along with DH and DS to the Knitters Edge – they wanted to drop off some samples of the handcraftiness, and I needed some yarn (shut it, I did so) for a christmas gift.  I have no idea how those 7 skeins of Silky Wool ended up in the bag.  None.  The migraine was really starting to throb and it must have been a black-out-yarn-tripping purchase.

I love Silky Wool.  I think I bought a little too much but that’s ok – I don’t think Silky Wool goes bad.

In between migraines I had a beautiful, pick-me-up….

That is Wandering Cat Yarns, Slinky Cat.  Oh. MY!!!!  It is just the most gorgeous, beautiful yarn.  Thanks to Valerie for sending it my way – I’m just spending lots of time trying to decide on what it’s going to be – a shawl for sure, but which one?  So much fun trying to figure it out!  I’m really drawn to the Holden Shawlette, which Valerie just finished knitting and it is Stunning!

Ok – since I just beaded 12 pins this morning and took a bazilliony photo’s of them to be uploaded onto our website later this week, updated everything in the Etsy shop to show new, LOWER pricing on Shawl Pins and Stitch markers,  I think I can take a break and knit some more on Cassis – it’s not gonna knit itself!

Oh and thank you for all those Scottsmtncrafts Followers/Likers on Facebook – We appreciate the support.  If you haven’t hopped on over there and would like to, just click the linky.

ETA: Anyone have any advice/good places to buy a dress form/mannequin?  I’m looking for something to basically model/photograph things on as close to my size as I can get.  Any help would be appreciated!

Have a Great Week!


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  1. Pretty, pretty! Grey is SO underused as a yarn color.

    I bought my daughter a dress form at Hancock Fabrics last year. Caught it on sale, and she has been really pleased with it.

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