Weathering Rhinebeck


We arrived a bit before the rain started…….just enough time to find someone else camped in our reserved spot, get a NEW spot, set up and take a long walk with Sophie….

She is such a good camp dog.  Traveling to camp is a titch iffy…..she likes to hurl maybe a few times the first few days, but then seems to settle in and start enjoying herself.  There is so much to smell!  And Sticks!  And sleeping in the big bed.   It did rain most of the night and into the next day.  And it did get windy.  But the first day of Rhinebeck was chilly and cloudy.

I bought surprisingly little.  We had a rough week the week before the trip – a family member was in a car accident (banged up and bruised but ok), some hard situations to get through for our family and the Fire Dept and another family member is in the hospital – on the mend, thankfully.  I think all those things brought to light…..that I have so much.  So much yarn.  So much stuff.  That I should enjoy what I have.  So, I was thankful to walk away with a skein of yarn for myself, a few patterns, some slippers and a gift for someone in our family.  I was happy to walk around and admire a lot of beautiful things……and glad I decided not to stand in some of the crazy lines to pay for things I can get, for the most part, by ordering over the internet directly.  I bought what really caught my eye.  And what I didn’t already have.  I’m really happy with that.  I spent a wonderful weekend with my husband, celebrating our 26th anniversary a few days early – I would say it was a perfect trip!

I did finish Bellevue before the trip…..

But I didn’t have enough time to block it before we left.  Just as well, I really want to block it to fit my smaller self.  I’m close to losing 30 pounds, and don’t want to be tempted to block it to fit me now… is so close!  This was a great knit – the pattern was super easy to follow – I love the way she wrote the sleeves in and the edging really finishes it well.  I did add two rows of garter stitch to the edge to keep that edge flat.  I’m really looking forward to wearing this soon.

With everything that has been going on, I really have this renewed need to finish things.  Bridgewater is out of the bag and back on the top of the basket.  I have two more sides to finish and then I’m done with that.  I’m halfway done on the baby blanket and plan on casting on for Terra when Bridgewater is done and the Shale Baby blanket when Tiramisu is done.

Plans…..I got em.  They may be  a little changed around, that’s all.

Sophie seems ok with that.


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  1. Bellevue looks very interesting! Sorry for your family troubles….hope by now things are better. Yes, when different things happen it does bring us back into perspective as to what is really important!

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