What? It was just a three month break…..


Holy Moly!  I can’t believe I’ve let this go so long……I’m going to blame it on the heat.  Yeah.  It was just sooooo hot – too hot to even type.

What have I been doing for the last three months?

Well, there was all the camping with the puppy…..

Sophie did so well – we did too!  We never brought our dogs with us before and I have to admit, we were pretty nervous.  But it worked out well, and she was a great dog!  We plan on bringing her to Rhinebeck with us this year.

Then, we came home to the unholy blaze of the thousand suns, and it was too hot to do nearly anything outside.  So….I declared it the summer of CLEAN and proceeded to purge almost every single cabinet, closet, nook or cranny in the house.  As of today – all but one half of one closet has been summarily declared “Clean”.  That last closet was a little upsetting  and that’s why it’s not done yet.  It was the closet I kept some baby keepsakes in, and apparently “someone” was looking for “something” and  tossed it like an FBI agent with a warrant.  Tossed. It.  Who does that?  I found one baby bootie on the floor and had to leave the room.  I will have to get back in there, hopefully this week.   11 bags of donated clothes, and untold bags of garbage have left the building.  I don’t take any responsibility for the condition of the attic or basement – not my territory in this house…..although, I’m thinking roll-off dumpster and an offering of my help to get the attic done this fall/winter…..

Let’s see…..then there was my Birthday, which was very nice.  Golf, dinner with family and friends – couldn’t have been better.  Shortly after – had a little  Women-surgery, which went fine and dandy with the exception of the unfortunate reaction to Vicodin – I would have felt nothing short of fantastic if it hadn’t been for that little episode.  But things are good so far in that department – follow up Doctors visit is, in fact, tomorrow.

Not much knitting went on this summer because, did I mention, THE HOT.  I hates it.

Ok, now we’re up to now.  Just started back to work/school last week and we’ll be into the full swing of it starting tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it – part of a new program and it looks like it will be interesting.  Oh, and I’m a little smaller now – woke up two days after my birthday and something just snapped – likely it was a hip joint – but, regardless, it was the kick in the arse I apparently needed to get my stuff together.  I joined WW online that Monday morning (who does that?  Tell me, why would you pick Monday for your weigh in’s, but I have and it’s working for me)  It’s helping that Bob is on the same track as I am, and so we’re working on this together.  It’s nice to not be tired all the time,  and exercise?  It’s now something I almost look forward to – at least I make a plan to do it most every day.

So now….there is knitting!

Bellevue, using Cascade 220 heathers.  I originally purchased the yarn for Tea Leaves, but really loved this pattern and loved the color and well, you know.  Plus I didn’t want to knit a big sweater in a smaller size right now.  I am knitting this smaller then I am right now – something I never do on purpose.  But I think it’s the perfect motivation and reminder of improving my health and I feel encouraged by it.

And there has been Crocheting, too!

That is the start of a Diagonal Baby Blanket – a few co-workers are expecting babies this year and I figure I better get on the baby gifts now….one is due in November, so I do have a little bit of time.  Another is due near March – even more time.

And Bridgewater – still in progress.  Still hoping to have it done this year.  I’m a goal-setter, what can I say.

And that’s the long of it.  I’ll try to not take such a huge break again  – till next time!


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  1. Glad you back on the web again Chris! Sorry we missed seeing you this summer, but the timing was wrong with your medical stuff. What did you have done?
    Your little dog is really something in the kayak …absolutely cute! Great photo indeed.
    Hope you are on the mend and stay cool. The summer here has been unbelievable hot. We broke every record ever recorded for heat and length of heat…..horrible stuff and it is still just as hope and…it is suppose to last another 2 weeks or so……yuck!!!!
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Glad you are back to knitting and blogging! I’ve been rather scarce lately blog-wise, partly laziness and partly not being excited on the knitting front…now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things 🙂 Love the rosy pink of your Bellevue…can’t wait to see more as the pattern looks very interesting 🙂

  3. You’ve been busy! Your Bellevue is pretty.

    I went on a clean out tear in my bedroom this summer, cleared out a lot of stuff. And then stopped thinking about it. But the new shelves are still neat, so that’s a plus.

    Welcome back!

  4. Chris- I love this post. The summer was brutal, and no knitting happened here either. I also started exercising- and hour a day walk, which is wonderful.

    And purging? I love the feeling you get when everything is clean and tidy. Congrats on putting yourself on priority status.

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