So much going on the last few weeks, but I did manage to finish this…..

Citron.  Malabrigo Lace in Vaa – a little over one skein – I ended up doing one additional repeat before I wanted to poke my eyes out with a knitting needle.  Great pattern – but even great things need moderation.  I can see making this in a heavier weight to get a bigger shawl.  I really do like the ruching and the flouncy edging.

Then, I was distracted for a little bit by the theives who hacked into my Itunes account, the subsequent cancelling of a credit card and back and forth with Itunes.  After years of trusting Itunes (my bad, I thought their site was secure) and having my  billing information on there, I was ripped off for nearly 200 bucks.  My credit card company was more help to me than Itunes was.  Oh and if you have gift cards and keep them on a store credit there – use them because if they are stolen like mine were – you’ll never get Itunes to make good and do the right thing.  Apparently they don’t give a crap WHO pays them for the music – just that they get paid.   Oh – and I have to actually pay the last fraudulent charge to itunes (my credit card company had started to decline the purchases so I had a balance, which has to be paid or I can never use my Itunes account again) so they can refund me the money – yes, this is true.   I could go on, but I think you get the gist – I’m not happy with Apple, Itunes and if I didn’t have so many gadgets by them…..I wouldn’t be using their service anytime soon.

Then there was helping DH build these……

Which will soon be joined by a double chair, a table and an ottoman.  I’ve been wanting patio furniture and we just couldn’t find a set that wasn’t ridiculously priced for something that would probably fall apart in 5 years.  Friends have a set of Adirondack furniture made of “polywood” so we went to the local, big chain outdoor store, checked out their polywood-like materials and DH built the first chair, using these great plans.  We whacked out the second chair last weekend.  Can’t wait to get the whole set done – they are very comfortable and I can’t say enough how happy we are with them.  Plus – no painting!

That green blob on the little table up there is Bridgewater – I’m finally done with the center garter stitch section and I’m on row 10 of the Horseshoe Lace.  This is going to be really nice when it’s done, but the rows are 600 plus stitches now.

It’s beautiful day – I was felled by a migraine this morning, but went to work anyway – came home at lunch time and took more meds – now I’m just feeling sorta spacey but ok.  Really looking forward to the weekend.  I have tomorrow off, a party on Saturday and golf plans on Sunday – I don’t have time for anymore stinkin’ migraines!

She’s almost 8 months old and darned if I can’t ever get a good photo of her face – she’s so dark and her eyes are dark too – but she’s a little sweetheart and she has everyone wrapped around her little paws.

Happy Weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. first off, citron is gorgeous! i love that green!

    finally. iTUnes? holy crap! asshats! now i’m scared of buying from them…. :-/

    • Just be cautious – I’ll still buy from them, but with gift cards only and never leaving much of a balance behind. I don’t really have a choice since I have an iphone and ipods.

  2. I started Citron but frogged it because I wanted to do more repeats to make it larger but it was just too much… but I’m considering a heavier weight one. Yours is very pretty.

  3. Citron is beautiful. I love that color in the laceweight.

    That stinks about ITunes. I have been late to the ITunes thing, just got 2 Ipods (Nano and Touch) in December. I used a gift card and need to play with some of my free Apps to see if I want to buy the full versions. I have never used it to buy any music.

    The pup is just adorable!

  4. Citron is gorgeous – those greens! And the chairs are great, and the dog is adorable.
    Sorry about the ITunes! am thinking you’re still ahead on the good vs bad AND – the orange shawl is also beautiful!

  5. Love your Citron. 🙂 And I *hate* to hear about the iTunes deal. That sucks majorly. I can’t believe they’re not more helpful about their online security. 😦

    Hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

  6. Gorgeous shawl, pretty day and cute puppy. Makes me want a dog even more! And those chairs!! Easy to see Bob got his talents from Dad. Dad would have been so proud to see his work! Talk to you soon.

  7. I use iTunes, but whenever possible, buy the actual music from Amazon. It automatically drops your downloads into iTunes, you can share music across different players (i.e. with Amazon downloads, I can save the same song in iTunes and on my Samsung phone), and MUCH better service. There have been a couple of instances where I’ve requested a refund, and Amazon didn’t hesitate to grant it.

    Your Citron turned out so pretty! And LOVE those Adirondack chairs. Very impressed you built them from scratch!

  8. Chris- Your Citron is great-

    I am so low tech, I still use a CD player. But that is very bad on Apple’s part.

    Just fyi- those are called “Muskoka” chairs in Canada.

  9. I gotcha on that poking your eyes out thing. I’m doing the last section on the Citron pattern and plan to do SEVERAL more. May need therapy afterward! LOVE the chairs — emailed my husband the link. Thanks for including it! Pup is adorable!!!!

  10. Ugh. What a pain with itunes! Hope it gets sorted out soon.

    Love the shawl and the chairs.

    And that dog is *still* the cutest little thing on Earth!

  11. This is very late to comment – but Citron is beautiful! I love the color you chose – gorgeous!

    Great chairs and as always – Sophie is a cutie pie!

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