Brandywine.  It’s been finished since last week and I’ve worn it more times than I can count.  I loved knitting this.  It’s a flawless pattern – just enough lace to keep you interested and just enough garter to give you a break from the lace and let you look up and catch what’s going on in your fav TV show.  The yarn is Woolen Rabbit Kashmir in Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Gorgeous, Gorgeous stuff.  Kims does such a fantastic job of dying – this is such a rich color – the depth is unbelievable.  There were four knots in the skein, relatively close together – the yarn spliced just fine and you’d never know where the splices were.  I would definitely knit this again and ditto on buying the yarn.  Highly recommend both.

About a week before I finished Brandywine, I also finished Tappan Zee….

Sorry.  No picture.  I know.  I need to get someone to take a decent, airbrushable photo of me wearing it.  But I can gush about it.  It’s a great knit – wonderfully written pattern and worked up just fine in the Silky Wool.  I’ve worn it at least twice a week and would wear it more if I thought I could get away with it at work.  What I think I need to do is aquire more Silky Wool in another color and knit another…..very fast knit and literally no finishing except to clip a few splice ends and sew on the buttons – I’ve only steamed blocked it and probably should give it a good soak, but I really wanted to get some use out of it before the weather became ridiculously warm again.

For now, I’m knitting away on Citron.  I really want to cast on for another layering sweater and had tossed around a sleeve-less version of Coraline – but I don’t have the proper yarn in stash (shutty.  I don’t.)  I’ve plenty of wool based yarns, but really wanted a cotton/blendy type of yarn for a spring version.  Can’t settle on one. I’ve looked at this and this – any thoughts?   And if you aren’t knitting sleeves, how much less yarn can I get away with buying – two skeins less?   I do have the perfect weight of Rowanspun Dk in stash for a winter version of that sweater, so I just might have to find another pattern – something along the same lines as Tappan Zee, but a titch different.   I’m really hooked on these types of cardy’s – they can flow through winter to spring and beyond, by simply layering them over different tops – and that is so much more comfortable for me with the added benefit of not having to knit those darn sleeves we all complain about.   Plus, I’ve discovered that I can indeed knit my high bust measurement and have a sweater fit me just right!  This is great, since I just gave away four sweaters that were all too big on me because I used my full bust measurement, in an effort to be realistic about my size.  Turns out my reality was too much reality and those sweaters just hung on me.  One of them was February Lady, so that will have to be put back in the queue of things to knit next winter…..

So happy to be sitting here, on a Friday night, anticipating a homemade pizza dinner and some good beer.  Even if it is raining – I can always hope that we get a thunderstorm to make the rain a bit more interesting and pretty to watch.  Enjoy your weekend, whatever you end up doing!


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  1. That is so pretty!

    Hmmm…well, since alpaca is really warm, I’d go for the linen blend. That one has 30% alpaca vs 50% of the other, so it would probably be more wearable for spring.

    We’re having homemade pizza for dinner, too! And beer. Probably beer, too.

  2. I LOVE your shawl! I’m a big fan of garter stitch… this one is especially lovely with the lace borders and edging:) My goodness you have been very busy…lots of pretty shawls to admire!!

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