Tappan Zee


The new Knitty came out and I finally found something to do with those 5 skeins of Silky Wool from the Honeycomb fail…..

Tappan Zee.  Great pattern so far.  I’m just starting the third section and attached the second skein of yarn, so I’m sure the yardage will be just fine.  Don’t let the photo fool you – lots of sun today, but it’s sooooo cold!

I’m not ignoring Brandywine – not at all.  I’m just done with the 15th repeat and have 51 grams of yarn left – I plan on doing a few more repeats to use up as much of this yarn as I can – don’t want to waste a precious gram of it!

I’ve had a kicker of a cold since last friday – which hardly seems fair since I’m just a few weeks over the stupid flu.  This cold is really the worst cold I think I’ve ever had – what a pest.  I’m so sick of being sick.   Ugh.  The worst thing about a cold is that everything I have to do seems to get done in slow motion – and I’m so behind.  Today was Taxes, new tires for one of the cars, and I just go so tied up with running around, I didn’t get to make knitting group – again.  It would have been nice to sit, knit and see some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  Probably for the best – I don’t want to give THEM this stupid cold.

I’ll just have to tuck in and watch some Deadliest Catch(I’m really going to miss Captain Phil) have a cuppa and admire the new Knitting bag….

Jeanne was nice enough to forward a link for a great sale over at Diva Knitting and this big  Namaste Cali Hermosa arrived yesterday – super fast shipping and I was happy to get it in time to use today…..if I had actually made it to knitting group.

I did manage to get some things done today, one of them being a bath for someone…..

Even if she had been looking at me….you probably wouldn’t be able to see her face – she definitely needs her hair did again.  She’s all healed up from her spaying and as soon as I can get her into the groomers, we might be able to catch a glimpse of those eyes again.  She definitely has that wild child look going on.

Well…..time for another dose of cold med’s, a cup of tea, knitting and the TV – have a good weekend!


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  1. So sorry you’re sick. I get like that around the beginning of the school year. My immune system can’t keep up with the stuff that the kids bring home and I end up with one thing after another. Blech. Lots of hot tea (or TheraFlu) and rest for you!

    Love the WIPs. Especially that Brandywine. 🙂

  2. I think Tappan Zee looks great (and so does Brandywine)!

    Love the new bag – is it big?

    Sophie is too cute – Penny needs a hair cut too – maybe they should go at the same time and become friends…

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