Brandywine Beginnings


Brandywine, using The Woolen Rabbit Kashmir, colorway Red Hot Chili Peppers.   The pattern is wonderful and if you’d like to do something to help out Haiti, go on over and purchase the pattern –  Rosemary is donating $5 from every pattern purchase.  The yarn is so luxurious and the color in the photo really doesn’t so it justice – it just glows with a richness that these cloudy skies aren’t letting me capture.

I’m a little behind in a lot over here – Milkweed is done, blocking and drying but no photo yet.  This weekend has been extremely rainy, windy and even though I missed Knitting Group,  sticking close to home seemed to be the thing to do for me.  I’ve spread a sickness throughout my house and Dan is still getting over it while Bob is very much in the midst of it.  I know it knocked me on my ass for a full week and I’ve still got the cough to prove it.  This winter has seemed to be full of lots of snow and lots of annoying illnesses – I’m ready for Spring!  Last weekend Bob and I were out and about – we stocked up on golf balls, shoes and Bob bought a new bag – we’re ready to get out there and start whacking some balls around!

Sophie is ready for Spring too!  Enough with the snow, already!  She’s ready to get out there and play….well, as soon as her stitches are removed next friday.  Anyone have any good tips on how to keep a live-wire puppy “quiet” for 10 days while she’s recovering from being spayed?????


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  1. It’s looking great! Thank you for purchasing Brandywine. 🙂 Sophie is so completely adorable, I just can’t get over it! And glad to hear you’re feeling better – we’ve been passing the plague back and forth as well. Its been one of those seasons! Hope you’re all well very soon.

  2. I’ve cast on for this shawl too, but want to finish Hamamelis first. I’ve placed some place markers there too, it’s easier, than counting all the time.
    That sounds nasty, for you all to have such a horrible winter!
    Good thing puppies heal so fast. I would not know how to keep them quiet for that long! Good luck!

  3. Look at that precious little girl! She’s so tiny! 😀

    I’ve got the Brandywine pattern, but all my yarn is packed up. ::cry:: Figures that I pack up all my yarn and the deal falls through with the house. Grrrr….. I think the Knitting Gods took their humor a little too far this time.

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