Clothilde – Just a blocking photo – I’m hoping to get nice pictures of this over the weekend.  I thought Hamamelis was a fast knit – and it was – but this little shawl just flew off the needles.

I love the malabrigo sock, but this skein had not one, but two knots.  The yarn I used for Hamamelis had one knot, too.   Is it me, or do you feel that when you pay 18 – 20 dollars for a skein of yarn, it should be of the utmost quality?  I don’t think it’s ok to charge that much for a skein and have tied it off in knots.  I’m putting my hard earned money towards what I think is a quality yarn, and it all other respects it is – but the knots just piss me off.  I really think yarn manufacturers, big and small need to cull out those skeins that are less than perfect and by all means sell them – with full disclosure and at a reduced price – let the buyer decide how many times they would like to splice yarn together, and don’t make it look like you’re literally pulling the “wool” over their eyes!!!!

Rant out.

I’m still waiting on a few wayward skeins to arrive for planned projects – all small shawls that really seem to make me happy right now – they’re quick, they seem to fit my knitting time right now, and if I had known any better – I would have joined the 10 shawl thingy that was going around.  But chances are, if I had joined…..I would be knitting zero shawls because knit-a-longs seem to have that effect on me.   In the mean time, I’ve cast on for Milkweed, with a wonderful yarn that was a Christmas gift from a friend…….the yarn is Hand Maiden Casbah and it’s just pure luxury flowing through the needles.    Brandywine (go help out if you can – it’s for a good cause!) and another Hamamelis on going to be on the needles after that – the first Hamamelis is going to be a gift for my sister – she fell in love with it and it is nice to give a gift that you know the recipient really wants.  Hopefully it will have some healing powers, since she’s been ill since before the holidays and is in the hospital again.

And tomorrow is Friday – it was a long, short week.


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  1. Very pretty shawl – I hadn’t seen the pattern before but its very nice!

    Knots are really annoying – isn’t there some number that they are allowed though?

  2. Your shawl is beautiful and I so agree with you. If there are knots they should sell the skein with a discount…that’s only fair! Doubt it would ever happen though…

  3. Love it- Clothide is amazing in that colour. I want you to make them all- so I can live vicariously through your projects.

    And yes, paying that amount of money, I would not expect to have any knots.

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous! They are such fun to make, aren’t they? And I feel so elegant wearing one too. 😉

    Beautiful work.

    PS: Im just back to blogging after an extended break.

  5. Your Clothilde is lovely! I was one of the test-knitters for that pattern, and I love seeing other people’s versions of it. I did mine in Mal sock as well – and just to let you know, if I’ve heard correctly, there is one knot in the Mal sock at the halfway point, so that people who actually knit socks from this yarn can divide it evenly.

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