Hamamelis, the fastest knit in the East


Or maybe it’s just snowstorm induced knitting…..

Hamamelis, Malabrigo Sock Yarn, Tiziano Red (much darker than it shows in this photo), Started Feb, 6 – Finished Feb 11, 2010.  Fastest Shawl I’ve ever knit,  I think.  A wonderful pattern – not one of the easy to memorize types of patterns, and the wrong side row needed to be paid attention to as well, but it kept it very interesting.

After all, there was a storm brewing outside….

That was just the beginning few inches – I’m guessing we had between 12 and 15 inches out there when it was all said and done.

I had one day of work this week!!  I had a planned personal day on Monday, due to the SuperBowl Party we host every  year.  Tuesday was a work day, Wednesday and Thursday were snow days, we already had a four day weekend off from school because of the Presidents Holiday, and now….we are supposed to return to work Tuesday but another storm is brewing – we will make it?

I had ordered yarn for another Shawl and didn’t notice the seller was going to be away till March 1st – therefore, that planned project is off the roster for now which left me little choice but to start another shawl in the meantime.  I’m still plugging away on Bridgewater, but I save that project for knitting group since I’m still on the center square of garter stitch and it’s the perfect project to bring along when you are knitting and chatting with friends.  And I’ve gotten some really good advice on Tea Leaves, so I’d really like to cast on for that in the next few days.

Some long overdue news……………..Thanks to DH, our Web page is officially up and running – well, it lists our products and we have to hook up into paypal but we have a navigable site, with our information on it and a working email address.  Please check it out and let us know what you think!  ScottsMtnCrafts is a dot com!

Sophie says….

Peace Out!  Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!


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