My oh My, Haruni


Haruni, Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino Wool Sock yarn.  I finished this up early Saturday morning, but cooking and cleaning for the Super Bowl party we have every year pushed the blocking off till today…..the personal day I take every year after the party 🙂

I love this knit – it was a joy to follow the pattern and the first chart  ended just as I might have been getting tired of the repetition of it – but so easy to follow and memorize the top.  The beautiful Pattern on the bottom was wonderful to watch unfold – I really, really enjoyed knitting this and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  I opted to do the crochet bind off which really put the finishing touch on this and in block it, I pinned out each loop to show it off.  I hope it dried today because I cannot wait to wear it to work!  I have been getting so much use out of all my shawls this year that I immediately cast on for another…..which doesn’t look like much right now as I just started the second chart – but I’m hoping it proves to be a quick knit because I’ve already found another that I’ll cast on for after that!  I haven’t forgotten about the contest yarn/shawl – nothing is really calling to me right now for that yarn, although it’s been fun looking at all the pattern suggestions.   I’ll know it when I find it.

We had a little snow this weekend – not as much as the weatherheads were forecasting, but a nice little snowfall that made it look pretty outside.  They’re calling for a “significant” snow starting tomorrow night – we’ll see – but it would be a little exciting to get a bigger snowfall than we’ve had.  I know the poor people down south of us have had more than their fill  of it and for them, I wish it would skip over, but I love the snow and haven’t tired of it …..yet.  It brings out the little kid feeling you had when you knew a storm was coming and you can hunker down at home, looking forward to a snowday from school – all that grown up stuff about having to go to work, traffic, snow shoveling etc kind of getting overlooked for a few minutes.  I look forward to putting a nice stew up to cook, some fresh bread to go with it and sitting by the fireplace with knitting, a good book and of course a puppy or three…

Sophie got her hair Did!  This was last Tuesday….you can barely see the two bows the groomer put in her hair (they say “Be Mine”, so cute)  but she looks so much better and had a glowing report from the groomer – and was invited back anytime – I’m glad as I was so nervous that she would be cowering in a corner not letting them get near her, or struggling while they were trying to groom her.  She managed to keep the bows in till DH came home and then some – I finally took them out before bed.

Some yarn arrived this week……..enough to make Tea Leaves, but I’m conflicted about the size.  I really don’t want to knit another baggy sweater after having just given away four of my handknits because they were too big – which in my size is more than big enough.  I’m measuring for the 46 at my full bust, but I was do some reading on Ravelry and some think when you knit top down raglan, you should knit from the measurement right under your arms and across the top of your bust – which isn’t the fullest part.  Which would make me want to knit the 42.  I’m thinking I will cast on for the 42 and see how it goes, trying it on.  I’d really like some input from top down knitters out there – I want this to be a cardy I keep and wear a lot.

Well, the house is clean as a whistle, there are plenty of leftovers from the party yesterday to keep us from going hungry for a few days so it looks like I get to rest, relax, do a little knitting and kick back today.  Maybe even a little sewing that I’ve been meaning to catch up on.

One last shot of the blocking Haruni…..

Have a Wonderful Week!


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  1. Your Haruni is beautiful! Good for you for taking a personal day after the superbowl. I have always thought that the day after the superbowl should be a national holiday. As for sweater size, I think you’re correct that for top-down raglans you should make your high bust size, not your full bust size. I think especially if you are busty a sweater knit in your full bust size will almost always be unflatteringly loose everywhere but across your chest (at least that’s been my experience).

  2. Haruni is gorgeous! And I’m excited that you’re going to knit Brandywine. 🙂

    We’re taking the little one over to a friend’s house to see if he’s allergic to their Yorkie. Ruh rohhhhhhh.

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