There’s Still Time!!!


You still have time to send your suggestions to me and enter the Contest to win one of these Great Prizes!!!!!!!

We’ll be picking winners tomorrow night…….so what are you waiting for?????????

Lot’s to do – Christmas shopping, Christmas knitting, Christmas Decorating, Christmas Cleaning.  Or should the Christmas Cleaning go first?  Or First and Last – there always seems to be so much cleaning to do – what is up with that?  I get a full 12 days off for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier about it – it’s going to be nice to hunker down with the family and just relax!  We have a very quiet Christmas with just the four of us and it really is so nice.  We have plenty of party/visiting going on up to the holiday and after, so spending that time with just us is really special.  Oldest is having a Birthday next week – he’ll be 22!!!  And we don’t get to see him – finals and applications for graduate school mean he is really wishing his days were more like 48 hours instead of 24.  We will celebrate when he gets home from school and he’ll get to hopefully relax for his month off.

I’m almost done with knitting Christmas gift number one, and Christmas gift number two is ready to go.  So….I better go – have a good day and check back for the Winners!


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  1. Cleaning first and last. First, so you can decorate (this is a perfunctory cleaning). Last, because it never lasts!

    We had a Hanukkah dinner party last night. Trying to keep the house tidy because I have a staff Christmas party here on Monday night. Just three long days of tidiness…will we make it?

    Happy birthday to your 22. Ours will be 22 next month. He made it home from uni just in time for dinner last night!

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