And so….it begins.


The Holiday shopping.  It has begun.  I probably should start earlier, but I’ll be dipped if I’m going to rush the season anymore than it already is.  I feel good starting around Thanksgiving.  And I’m ok with that.

I actually managed to pick up my gift for our knitting group grab bag…..

Nope, you’re not gonna see it – that would be cheating.  But whilst I was at the yarn shop, I picked up some of this yarn for a scarf/shawl I had seen not too long ago – and kicked myself for not getting the yarn AND the pattern when I saw it then…

Four Skeins of Jojoland Melody to make a Swirl Scarf – and of course, I had to come home and order the pattern from another store because, as per usual with this yarn shop, they were out.  I don’t think I ever encountered a yarn shop always being out of something I was looking for, as I have at this one.  It’s a beautiful shop, but it seems to be a constant theme and I’m not quite sure I can attribute it to it being a popular pattern 0r needles or yarn – it does irk me a bit, but it is a beautiful shop.

I also have a little holiday knitting planned and picked up two skeins to accomplish that…

I can’t say for who, or what it’s going to be, but the yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  I love that yarn and it’s going to be nice working with it again.

We’re coming to the close of a four day holiday weekend, and I plan on doing a little bit of relaxing today – we’ve run our errands, did a little christmas shopping, a little wash, and after I get the house sorted back, I’m going to hunker down, even though its a nice sunny day, and just chillax.  Or maybe make some pins.  Or maybe go outside and take the dog for a walk.  Or maybe take some pictures….or or or.

I think she’s angling for a walk…..


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  1. Beautiful yarn. In our knitting group we do an “open / steal” sort of exchange of presents. Every year there is one gift that is popular and is stolen a lot. This year it was the Yarn Harlot’s Never Not Knitting 2010 page a day calendar. Our own Harlot ( took home the prize. All gifts are knitterly related and the exchange is enjoyed by everyone.

  2. Ahhhh, the running out thing. Well, now that I’m an “expert” at yarn retail (I snagged a once a week job at my lys – it is as awesome as it sounds) I can tell you it’s really, really hard to gauge how much to get of different things (yarn, patterns, books…) You never know what is going to totally jump off the shelves and what will sit for ever. (That pattern, for example, has been around for over a year, with fairly little interest. It sat, and sat, and sat, complete with all those balls of yarn, taking up room in the store… until… until… ta-dah! The Yarn Harlot decided to make it. Now? Now it’s all gone. But reordering it? Will it get to the store in time? Or will we get it only in time for it to sit around another year…? It’s very crazy.)

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