Can’t Stop Starting


A photo of my long finished “Rhinebeck Wrap”….anthropolgie inspired wrapThis has been finished since before Rhinebeck, but I had yet to photograph it.  The pattern is The Anthropologie Inspired Wrap by Mary Richmond and I used Cascade 220.   It’s a great pattern, fast and flawless.  I omitted the buttons, purely from laziness and I’m ok with that.   I get a ton of compliments, bribes and threats to steal this from me when I wear it to work – which makes me think I might want to make a back up just in case.  It really is such a great knit to wear and Mary did a great job writing the pattern.

The cooler weather that we’re mostly getting – and I say mostly because today it’s supposed to reach 65 degrees – weird weather for November in Northwest New Jersey – has really got me itching to cast on project after project.  Or it could be that I just ripped out almost an entire Aleita Shell, and subconsciouly feel the need to make up for such a thing by casting on as many projects as it takes to forget the ripping of it.  It was a definite learning experience.  I learned, at last, that Linen type yarns and I are not a good match.  It does not flatter my muffin tops at ALL.  Not nearly as forgiving as good ole wool.  After trying it on, I think it was best for both of us to just call it a day.  Of course, I still want a knit vest and after doing a looky loo around, settled on this

honeycomb vestRibbing.  Not much of a vest.  I know.  But it’s the beginnings of the Honeycomb Vest, using Silky Wool.  I really love knitting with this yarn – and Friday was a short day at work, so what else could I do after spending thursday night ripping out a knit, but drive down to A Yarn For All Seasons – she has such a lovely shop.  I did call ahead to make sure she was open and had a good selection of Silky Wool.   And I wasn’t disappointed.   I managed to get this color, talked myself out of buying it in red too (I’m still wondering if I made the right decision on that), found buttons for my Redhook and also found a copy of Evelyn Clarks Knitting Lace Triangles book.   I wish that shop was busier – it’s sad to see a shop that nice, so empty without classes going on, or knitters hanging out knitting.

Friday morning, I pulled my favorite brown socks out of the drawer and noticed I blew out another darn heel!  And it’s not a little hole.  It’s a huge, gaping chasm that is just, well HUGE.  I rarely don’t have socks on the needles so I set about to cast on for a basic pair of socks….

replacement socksI browsed around for a simple pattern, just couldn’t settle on anything so I just started fiddling with different width ribs and voila – the Replacement Socks are in progress.  This Jawoll Silk comes with a small spool of reinforcement thread which I’m going to give a try – It can’t hurt, can it?

Because apparently, I’m totally getting sucked into starting everything at once, I have plans for casting on another sweater type vest and Bridgewater’s yarn should be in the mail on the way to me.  And I’ve decided to make a few quick hats for some gifts this year – with particular peoples heads in mind, but unpostable.

Lastly, just a little holler out to anyone who can help me out with a conflict.  Did you ever had a bad experience with a person, so bad in fact, that it almost left you with a nervous condition, and whenever you see or hear mention of the person (and their apparent good fortunes, accolades, accomplishments etc.) you struggle with the feelings of “if only everyone knew what I knew about them, blah blah blah”???  I feel terrible every time this happens – and I’m sad that I know a certain facet of this person that a few know, but much more don’t – and don’t get me wrong – I don’t want anyone else to know that bad side.  But I struggle with the feelings of dislike, so strong that it takes me a few minutes to remember that what comes around goes around, etc.  Or even more, that everyone has bad moments, and maybe I was the unwitting recipient of one of Their bad moments and they’re really not that bad…..?  But what I’d really like is to just LET IT GO….how do you do that?  I’m usually pretty good at moving on, live and let live, getting on with it,  suck it up cupcake, but this one…..just sticks with me.  Anyone have one of those do hickey devices like in Men in Black?  Anyone?


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  1. Love the wrap! I need to get Jeanne to steal it for me since I live on the wrong side of the country.

    Oh, do I ever know what you’re talking about! I do my best to avoid those people we hate and pretend that they do live on our planet. If a friend brings them up, I say nothing or mention that they are not my sort of person. If you know me well, you know what means. If you don’t know me well, you’re too confused to ask what’s going on.

    If you ever find the Men In Black thingy, let me know, okay?


  2. All those colours are fantastic… they really remind me of autumn. My yarn store usually only has a one person at a time but everyone in town (non knitters included) talks about it.

    I’m an avoider which can be sort of awkward but keeps me out of trouble. Good luck with your problem.

  3. I know a few people like that and I am mostly an avoider if I can. If others are chatting about them, I just pretend not to hear.

    Love the wrap and all the colors of your yarns.

  4. That wrap is fabulous! Adding that to the queue now. Did you use all of the 3 skeins of C220? I can’t wear that yarn, so trying to determine how much yardage I would actually need in another.

    Sorry about the conflict you’re going through. 😦 Take the high road, feel sorry for this person for wasting precious time in their lives by living it with such a sad, unhappy view of the world, and know whatever goes around comes around. Eventually you’ll move on. I find that it helps sometimes to have a mock argument with said person (say, while you’re at home alone or in the car). It helps get all the feelings out of your head and out of your system when you can say it out loud, but without the mess, conflict, and consequences of telling the person off to their face! And now that everyone has cell phones and earpieces, nobody looks at you funny when you talk to yourself in the car. 😉

  5. I too am an avoider, but I’ve had the occasion rise where I could NOT avoid someone. I just had faith that this person’s true nature would eventually out itself to enough people and they’d move on. One of them was a co-worker who made my life hell and eventually was promoted out of my department, their new boss ended their career with the company within the month. I have to say that my first glass of alcohol after having my eldest child was raised in a toast of recognition of their boss’s amazing insight and keen supervisory capabilities.
    As to how I coped with the stress? I kept myself super busy, visualized happy things about this person (well, they made me happy at least) and strenuous physical activity tearing up and rebuilding my yard, involving a maul or an axe as often as possible. Saws are okay, but there’s nothing like hitting something when you’re stressed and angry.
    Your knitting looks lovely, I especially like the Rhinebeck wrap, I’ve been looking for something of that nature. Thanks!

  6. You know I like that wrap – and if I’m going to steal it, I’m going to keep it for myself!

    Hope the new vest is going well – and I love the socks – very pretty colorway.

    I know how you feel about letting things go – I struggle with it too – but somehow you just have to think that karma happens.

  7. The wrap looks great, and I particularly love that photo of the ribbing on the table. It’s perfect with those medallions!

    Everything will work out in the end. Be well! 🙂

  8. The wrap came out great, and Silky Wool is really one of my favorite yarns, too – it looks even better knit up than it does in the ball. Love it! I can’t help you on your conundrum – mostly because I am like an elephant: I can’t forget (forgive) anything, and hold a grudge forever. It’s terrible. But there you go. I have faults. I would not even be able to keep silent with what I knew. I’m not strong/good enough, I guess. Something to work on, I suppose. In any guess, I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think you have to keep your info to yourself, either. But you probably shouldn’t listen to me…!

  9. Hmm…yes, I do, indeed know what you mean about those certain people.
    I LOVE the socks. You do know you can darn them? I took a class…it’s not as hard as ya’ think!
    The wrap is lovely, too…
    Hang in there hon…

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