Back from the Beck


And we survived the weather.

The weather was much worse here in New Jersey then it was in Rhinebeck – when we left home, there was snow on the ground and it was still coming down.  Nothing stuck, but still….we were very nervous that our arrival up in NY was going to be way worse.  It really wasn’t.  It was rainy when we got there, but we set up and didn’t get too wet.  It was cold, but we had a nifty little heater that we used to take the chill out of the air before we went to sleep and when we got up and we were snug.  Friday’s weather was really nice – partly cloudy but lots of sun did break through.  On Saturday, the wind was a little whippy, but we made our way through the festival without a drop falling on our heads and I think that was a nice little bonus.  I was not looking forward to trudging around in the wet and the cold and the wind.  I was surprised that there defintely seemed to be less vendors this year – there were quite a few boths curtained off that were empty and the upper floor of one of the barn buildings was only half occupied.  Bob and I had a nice time, and I came home with a few things – no large quantities of yarn that I planned on – I just couldn’t find what I had in mind for a few sweaters and that’s not a big deal – I can always get yarn here for future sweater projects.  I even managed a few skeins of STR, which I never wait on line for, and this year wasn’t any different.  I walked in later in the morning, picked out a few skeins and paid.  The lines earlier were close to mind boggling – and I am not a line person.    All in all, the weather was not nearly as bad as forecasted and really held out for us.  We even managed to get the camper shut up before the first rain drops fell this morning – the weather was really on our side.

I didn’t go to any meetups with other fiber folk – this weekend was a get away for Bob and I – Rhinebeck always falls around our Wedding Anniversary and this year is a biggie – we’ll be married 25 years this Tuesday!  It’s hard to believe that 25 years have gone by so fast.  It’s been 25 amazing years, and I can only hope the next 25 will be as Wonderful!  We had such a great time this weekend – a true tribute to how we get along in our day to day lives, and that the man I married would stand on line and risk his life by uttering the words “RedHeart is way cheaper at Walmart” is a true testament of the sacrafices he’s willing to make for me!  Not every woman can say the man she loves wakes her up by yelling – “You better Hurry up or ALL the worsted weight will be GONE”.   And he managed to crack everyone up around us while we were waiting in line by saying “They were all wrong – it’s actually very cold in Hell!”

I did manage to get another project finished before we left….pretty thing finishedI loved this project so much, I bought more Cashmere at Rhinebeck to make another.  This was a great pattern and I can see many Pretty Things being knit around here.   I also managed to finish the Anthropolgie wrap and was able to wear it my first day back to work after the flu….it’s a great, fast little wrap and I can definitely see knitting it again.  I think I would make it a bit wider next time,  just for a little more coverage on my back.  I still haven’t gotten a decent photo of it, though.  This weather really doesn’t make for the nice picture taking light.

Time to snuggle up with some knitting and enjoy the rest of the weekend – it’s really blustery and blowing around outside and I’m glad it held off till we got back home!  Have a great week and I’ll post the Rhinebeck haul next time!


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  1. Hey — glad you had fun and sorry to have missed you in person! Perhaps we were even in the STR crowd at the same time….

    But glad you had fun and Happy Anniversary. I did go to some of the meetups, and still didn’t meet a single person I “know” from the internet. All new ones 🙂

  2. Pretty Thing is beautiful!

    I’m so excited you made the Anthro Wrap! I can’t wait to see the photo. I hope it was easy to follow. It could definitely be easily made wider. Yay!

  3. Your husband sounds like a keeper. He is too funny. Congratulations on your anniversary. Tuesday is my birthday, so it is a very special day!
    Wishing you all the best.

  4. Every time I saw a man in line this weekend I wondered if it was you guys! (And also enjoyed looking at the looks of utter despair on most of their poor little faces, hahahaha!) I did not do much meeting up, either… though somehow the buying got away from me! Sunday was a much better day there, in terms of crowds. I wonder if Stitches East being in CT this year had any effect on the numbers of vendors…? Anyway, glad you had a good time. And Happy Anniversary! That’s a big one!

  5. Veerrrrry beautiful cowl. Where can I get the directions. I would like to make one. 25 years to my big nut brother! I don’t know if I should congradulate you or pity you! Only joking. Thanks for being their for him and giving me two handsome nephews. Bob could light up a black out with his humor and fun.
    Thanks…really Chris! Hope your feeling well.

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