Finishes, Starts and In-betweens


What happens when you are home sick for 3 days and counting? Well, you get to lie about a lot, you get to watch a lot of tv, you get to nap quite a bit, strangely – people avoid you like the plague and you might just get a little bit of knitting finished up to occupy your time.

twisted rib yoga socksFinished Yoga socks…just in time for me to miss my next two yoga classes.  This weekend because I don’t want to spread my germs around and next weekend was a planned miss for Rhinebeck.  Sigh.  Well, they’re done and didn’t really take much time after all – when you fuss around and avoid stuff, I guess that’s when the time suck adds up.  These really should have been a quicker knit then they turned out to be and they’re very comfy.

I was also able to finish the Anthropologie Inspired Wrap – it’s in the final blocking stages of drying right now.  It doesn’t have buttons yet but once I’m out and about in the real world next week, I’ll pick some up and should be able to pack this with me for next weekend.  I also started another wrap – the Every Way Wrap, which just looks like a bit of ribbing right now because I was distracted by this……

pretty thingPretty Thing by the Yarn Harlot.  And it really is a pretty thing – and a delight to knit – it looks so intricate and delicate but the pattern so far is just wonderful to follow and really not complicated at all.  I’m about to start row 25 and I just cast on for this late last night – so it really goes quickly and I’m guessing I’ll be able to pack this along for next weekend, too.  I’m also guessing I’m going to knit more than one of these – it really is that enjoyable.

So….I’m down with what is most likely a mild case of H1N1….which is not surprising because it is going around, around here.  Can I tell you what I find surprising?  Why people insist on sending their children or themselves to work or school when they’re sick.  I’ve had a lot of time on my hands the past few days and I can’t tell you the amount of references I’ve seen to “fever police” or “fever cops” – I can only guess they’re referring to school nurses, which I have the highest respect and admiration for.  Let me tell you something – I used to be a SAHM, and I always kept my kids home until they were FEVER FREE WITHOUT MEDICATION for 24 HOURS.  There is a very good reason why that policy is in effect in a lot of schools and employers – and it’s to protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY.  I pisses me off beyond reason when I see parents mouthing off about being put out by having to keep their kids home another day just to make sure they’re well enough.  Let me thank you now, personally because I can say without a doubt that it’s because of people like YOU, that I’m home sick now.  It’s because of people like YOU, that disregard everyone else because you have an appointment that you think you can’t cancel, a get-together with your friends, a hair cut, or lets face it – you just can’t take one more day home with your sick kids.  How ever will you occupy them for another day?????  Listen, no one ever died of boredom, but people have died of this.  Thank YOU so very much, because not only have I been sick, but my immune compromised husband has had it and I’m just waiting for my other family members – who don’t have a choice in WHERE THEY LIVE, to come down with it.  I’ve isolated my self from my own family and have cancelled birthday celebrations with my friend, going to a Giants game and yoga class – because I’ll be damned if I’m going to be so irresponsible as to knowingly go out in public with what I have.   So the next time you think about whining because you have to stay home sick or keep your kids home another day to make sure they’re well?  By all means, you can reference back to this post as a reminder why. If you can’t have a lick of common sense in your head, than at least follow the policies that your schools and employers put out,  and stop sending sick kids in to school who will undoubtedly be sent home when their tylenol wears off, or sitting in your cubicle, coughing your germs through your entire office.  One more thing – don’t write me a comment and tell me that you sent your kid to school after they had a fever the night before and everything was fine – I don’t want to hear it – virus shed for a certain amount of time (hence the fever free WITHOUT medication rule) even after your initial symptoms.  This particular flu sheds for at least 24 hours before symptoms and 5 to 7 days after symptoms show.  That’s a long time to expose other people.  Stay home and keep your kids home if you’re sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no whining about having to take days off from work – been there, done that and you won’t find any sympathy from me about that – you signed up for EVERYTHING when you had kids – the good, the bad, the sick)

Soap Box Out.

I need another lie down.


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  1. YEAH!!! YEAH!!!! GO CHRIS!!! [whistle whistle, clap, stomp]

    I’m a SAHM and I’m also a homeschooler…I’m always appalled at the hijinks people will pull to avoid staying at home with a sick kid. I’ve had acquaintances who leave work at lunch in order to drive to the school and redose their feverish kid with Tylenol AND Advil, so they can get through the afternoon of classes.

  2. Indeed. I think there are employers who resist employees staying home sick, but they are just nuts. Wait until half or more of their work force is out sick because they discouraged one partly sick one from staying home. Hospitals are starting to set up tent triage units in parking lots because of this one. This is going to get much crazier before it gets better.

  3. You go sister!!! As a teacher, I can totally agree with you!! A teacher who now has a sinus infection thanks to the parents who think that kids with fluid in their ears and green boogers dripping off their chins is perfectly fine to send to school. Got news for you parents: you send your kids to school to learn! They are not learning when they feel like crap. Go ahead. Read the newspaper with a sinus infection, or a fever. Tell me how much you retained of the information you read!! Oh, and another thing, schools are not day care! We are not here to watch your kids while you go to work. If they can’t focus because they are sick, it is not our duty to watch them! And when the school nurse calls you and says your baby has a fever and is sleeping in her office (not learning,) don’t take 3 hours to show up to pick him up!! Because now the medically fragile kids who need tube feedings, not to mention the other kid with the boo boo on her knee who needs a bandaid, just got exposed to your kids germs.
    Sorry, you touched a mutual sore spot, Chris. The soap box is back to you, now. Feel better!

  4. You are so right! And those idiots who are such workaholics that they come in to work and infect everybody! I have no use for them. This is why they invented sick days: so you can stay home and get better and not become Typhoid Mary.

    Good soapbox, and I feel better now too.

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