Out with the Old, In with the New


Out with the Old……or I should say, Out with the project it turns out I don’t have enough yarn for after all.  Nantucket Red has hit the RIP basket – I was almost done with the back and digging into the 4th out of 8 balls of yarn.  Can you see the problem?  My gauge was fine.  That 8th ball was actually my SPARE – bought back when I wasn’t sure how many balls I was actually going to need.  I still had two fronts and two sleeves to go with those not even 4 full balls.  I don’t know what went wrong and I was coming up to the shoulder part of the pattern which I think had errors that weren’t posted yet, so sadly, it is ripped.  I’ll have to think of another pattern for the 8 balls of this Classic Silk and/or figure out how much yarn I’ll actually need to make that sweater…someday.  I’m a little fustrated that it didn’t work out as I was really looking forward to adding that sweater to my fall wardrobe this year.

The ripping of Nantucket actually left me with one project on the needles………well, that’s not entirely true.  I had forgotten I but the Alieta Shell in hibernation, so out it came and I started working on that……until…..

lacey yoga bagI was distracted.  That is going to be a Lacy Yoga bag – I love the yarn, Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK.  Jeanne asked me to come along to check out a yoga studio nearby and we’re starting yoga classes this morning!  I can’t wait.  I’ve been feeling like crap on toast and trying to get rest and I think yoga will be such a great stress reliever/restorative.  Thanks Jeanne!  I’ve also been working on a pair of yoga socks – which aren’t going to be ready for today, but hey – we’ve got 8 weeks of classes ahead of us and I’m sure they’ll be done in time to wear them at least once!

And once the bag and sock are out of the way….there is still Nefertiti to be picked up and worked on.   I’m getting the itch to make a sweater though……the weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, Rhinebeck is coming up……..


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