Catching Up is Hard to Do


I’ve really lost track of time the last few weeks – School started for everyone – We have two Seniors in the family, and  they’re not myself  or my DH –  A College Senior and High School Senior and an 18th birthday coming up for the High Schooler in less than two weeks!  But, we’ve got the perfect stress reliever…..

dreammaker spaOur new Dream Maker Spa…it’s amazing.  I’m still learning a new water chemistry with it…but it’s such a great way to relax and unwind after the day is done.

Before school started I met Jeanne for Lunch and she gave me these wonderful Birthday gifts….

Plymouth Alpaca PrimaPlymouth Alpaca Prima….so soft and the color is so rich!

Mirasol TupaMirasol Tupa – Merino and Silk, it’s sooooo nice.  Jeanne suggested the Faberge Cowl for the Tupa and I think it would be perfect.  I’m not sure what I’ll make with the Alpaca but it’s bound to be something warm and soft for wearing in the winter.  And to top it all off….she also gave me this at the last knitting group….

Jeanne's SockLacy Ribs Sock from Socks from the Toe Up…..which came with the other skein of Panda Wool to knit the second sock and I cast on for that yesterday.

the other sockI’m thinking I like this kind of sock knitting, so anytime Jeanne wants to knit one sock and give it to me, I’m ok with that!  Thanks Jeanne!

I’ve also been working on Nantucket Red – I really wanted to have that finished by now and I think a realistic goal would be the end of September.  I underestimated how much my arm would get in the way of my knitting, which pissed me off, but rather than re-injure it, I’m learning to knit around it.  At least the smaller projects are done fast and still give me a sense of accomplishing something.

It was nice to have a holiday weekend right after starting back to school – and we started off Friday night with Golf and Dinner with some friends.  Then Jeanne and her husband took us to a new-to-us golf course in PA which was amazing – we had such a great time!  Yesterday and today were hang around the house days – did a few shopping trips, but other than that, it’s BBQ’ing and relaxing for the coming work week.  The weather has gotten cooler since Saturday and it really feels like Fall is on the way.

Have a Great Week!


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