Fly By


I don’t know if I want to celebrate how fast summer went flying by, but these are one of my favorite Shawl Pins to make….and I’ve added a little bling to the latest version….

copper swarovski dragonflyCopper Dragonfly Shawl Pin with Swarovski Crystals.

I’ve made a few more sets of markers in Tigers eye and a pretty pink floral set that I’ll probably list later today – and another, different beaded shawl pin design.  I’ve been busy, but not as busy as I probably should be!

The car has been returned – a major amount of body paint later and it looks good as new.  Egg does nasty things to car paint and I can only hope Karma catches up to the eggers soon.  The perks of living rurally where there really aren’t too many eyes around to see such acts.  It’s no fun being the eggee, I can tell you that.

Gotta get moving – photo’s to take, post offices to visit and lunch with Jeanne today!


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