New in the Etsy Shop……

Copper Sanddollar stitchmarkersCopper Sand Dollar Stitchmarkers

Silver StitchmarkersSilver Metal Bead Stitchmarkers

millefiore glass stitchmarkersMillefiori Glass Stitchmarkers

Snowflake Jasper StitchmarkersSnowflake Jasper Stitchmarkers

These were fun to make and they are sooooo light! The nylon coated wire really makes a difference in the weight – and it’s so much kinder to my arm to make these.  Plus….a new low price on my markers that I hope make them even more affordable to everyone.

I also snuck in a few of those Beautiful Hand-turned Spinning Wheel Orifice Hooks…..

cedar three groove hookEaster Red Cedar and Copper Orifice Hook

Black Walnut 3 grove hookBlack Walnut and Copper Orifice Hook

The wood is hand turned by DH and the copper is my addition – I don’t have these too often, due to the amount of twisting I need to do (stupid arm) but there are six in the shop now – 2 cedar and 4 Black Walnut.  They’re lovely accents to your Spinning Wheel, and you can never have enough hooks as far as I’m concerned!

On the knitting front – Ishbel IshDone!  But she’s not blocked so no photo’s yet.

Need to take a lie down now…….


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  1. I love the stitch markers. That’s my next project, if my head ever gets out of the current cloudy fog that it’s in. Lots of knitting, and nothing to show for all those efforts…

    Looking forward to the Ishbel!

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