Mountains and Lakes


Mountains and Lakes Socks FOMountains and Lakes Socks………..On a Plate. On-Line Supersocke 100, colorway Circle.

The knitting funk is slowly fleeing……..I brought these with me to our Family Reunion on LI this past Saturday to work on and finished the ribbing up this morning.  It’s good to have a knitting project completed after what seems like such a long time.  The Reunion was a good time, lots of food, lots of laughs and good knitting time with my SIL, who’s working on an inspiring version of Samus – I can’t wait to see that finished up, Mary!

Last week was hectic and busy – Oldest just bought himself his first brand-new car – hard earned and well thought out – and a wise choice to use the Cash for Clunkers program – his 14 year old Jeep was just not going to get him much further.  He’s thrilled and amazed at his gas mileage.  We’re happy and relieved he’s got reliable wheels.

This week has started out with the hottest, steamiest day of the entire summer.  You know….THE HOT.  I’m happy to say we’ve gone the whole summer without using the AC until last night – it was just too humid to hold out any longer.  But it’s on the record books as the longest we’ve waited to use it – this summer has broken records in my memory as being the most comfortable.  I wouldn’t really mind summers being like that all the time.

This week will find me clearing out some more of the basement room I left behind, a project that is well over-due.  Except….not today – today is too hot to be lugging things around and throwing out.  Tomorrow promises to be cooler and more cooperative.  I may just sit myself down and start finishing up another knitting project on the needles… that I’ve made some progress, it would be a shame to let the ball drop.  I’ll be working on a new Shawl Pin Design, as well – something that’s been floating around in my head and I really need to get making.

Stay Tuned…..


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